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CASPIAN : The Fair Way To Manage All Your Digital Assets In One Place!

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Has There Ever Being A Better Option To Manage All Your Digital Assets From One Place?

Nothing creates a FUD in an investor more than not knowing the real worth of his/her investments. Cryptocurrency as an asset is a commodity whose value is determined by its price on an exchange. And this is where the real problem begins for investors especially institutional investors who would love to invest in this ever-growing market.

Its just a matter of time before we witness the full regulation of the cryptocurrency industry, obviously this will curtail the volatility of the market in great measure, ultimately giving investors confidence to dive in. But one problem still persist for institutional investors and traders alike whose main target at the end of the day is to manage, make reports and plan for both their short and long term investment.

Presently, traders and investors still take the long route of manually sieving through different exchanges on a daily basis just to get the best deals off the market. This method is crude and inefficient, meaning that traders spend a lot of time searching for market information, making little research, laborically sending tonnes of orders. Time which could have being invested into more profitable activities such as analysing trends, making informed decisions, forecasting derivative predictions.

Traders and investors will love to use the new Caspian Solution for Digital Asset Management because it takes care of all their basic needs in ONE PLACE!


Caspian is a unified portfolio with full stack financial tools that integrates all major exchanges inorder to offer users a single place to interact with the entire crypto space

As we know, exchanges pricing constitutes the benchmark on which any crypto assets is valued! Therefore, there must be seamless connection between the assets and the value system at all times. What better system to have all of them in ONE PLACE!

The Caspian solution makes the system more automated with a wider view accross all the available exchanges and a seamless price updates from all the exchanges.

Caspian is a joint venture between Tora and Kenetic, who have successful track records in asset management and cryptocurrency investing. Tora is a leading supplier of asset management technology, including an OEMS that averages monthly notional equity volume exceeding US$100 billion and is currently responsible for 17% of Japanese institutional equity trading volume. Kenetic is a blockchain firm committed to expanding the development and adoption of blockchain platforms through investments, advisory services, community and technology.!


So the major problems that traders and investors are facing are

  • Fragmentation of the digital assets exchanges

  • High market volatility due to unregulated distribution of resources

  • Shortage of tools to monitor key investments

  • Security

  • Lack of an homogenous compliance scheme due to high fragmentation of exchanges


Caspian offers a range of closely knitted trading features to tackle all those challenges

Order Execution Management System

Caspian will enable its users to place order in different exchanges from a unified interface. Caspian integrates all the major exchanges into the platform to allow users to easily manage numerous account from one place.

Users will have the full benefit of interacting with their accounts on the exchange just the normal way they always love to but with an added advantage in the form of generating an audit report for all their activities on the platform.

In a highly volatile market like cryptocurrency where everything happens within a seconds count. This leaves an almost impossible condition for traders to fully monitor the changing trends in the market. Caspian have a built-in notification system to instantly prompt users of any market events that might trigger action from the users. This will help traders to quickly adjust their trading strategies if needed.

Position And Risk Management

Caspian is integrated with a built-in facility to keep all the user's historical data which can be accessed conveniently for easy reference in future deals. This means that users have access to a full history of all the indicators and trading decisions employed.Obviously, making a reconciliation between past and present deals will be easy.

Users can also manage their trading strategies to minimise risk level by running them in a simulation environment to test the outcome in the most extreme situation. This will enable users to know which trading strategies can work while expanding their scope and perspective in the process.

Reporting And Compliance


Due to the high volatility of the crypto market, Capsian system is designed to ensure investors get all the necessary tools to cut their losses even in extreme situation. Users can play around with this Limits to ensure that their assets get full coverage at every seconds count.

Pre-trade Limits

This are limits that can be engaged by users before or when launch an order. And they are grouped into

Warning Limit
As the name implies, a warning suggesting a rule is about to be broken.

Approval Limit
This requires a supervisor to enter a password to override the compliance alert.

Absolute Limit
The absolute limit is a limit that cannot be overridden by any means

After the user have sent an order, the post trade compliance schedule such as alerts, monitoring and reporting can be delivered to the user via the email or other means either on a schedule or as they occur.


) Source
Caspian is designed to handle large volumes of data while ensuring low latency. Caspian can handle upto 50 000 orders, 400 000 executions per day per user. The plug-and-play architecture makes it a highly scalable system as it is capable of adding new services to accomodate more clients and process more loads.

Capsian combines the best technological solutions to ensure the privacy of their clients while providing a customer support center, a feature which is lacking on most exchanges.

Capsian has already partnered with about 10 big exchanges as at the time of writing, meaning that users can trade any desired cryptocurrency on any of their favourite exchange.

They plan on integrating more pretty soon!


With Caspian, sophisticated traders and investors dont need to scan through every exchanges to find the best offer for their crypto asset. Just with some few clicks they can have all of that information.

Caspian seek to be the hub through which organised investors and institutions can gain safe entry into the booming cryptocurrency industry by offering

  • Trading tools to easily manage,monitor and dispatch all their digital assets from one place.

  • Users access to a comprehensive report covering the full length of every trade cycle

  • Built in compliance schemes and limits to guide investors

  • A professional customer service available 24/7.

  • A decentralized platform through which developers and traders can get incentivized by building trading tools DApp and running it on the platform.


As A Trader/Investor

Joe is a hedge fund manager and he was living really well of it but now it seems the funds are drying up. On a chat with one of his client, he got to know that most of them are investing in cryptocurrency albeit on a lighter scale because he could recall in one of the conversations with the same client where he shared with him his experience

""Honestly Joe, I dont think I will be able to continue investing in any cryptos again. I have lost a lot of money already, although have made some good investment along the way but I cant really keep track of all this portfolios.

So joe, the bottom line is that I cant tell you whether have made a profit or loss in my new venture.""

Joe didnt tell him to continue or stop investing, Joe saw an oppurtunity to solve his financial problem and meet the needs of others as well.

On scamming through his internet, Joe saw a post titled " Caspian : The Fair Way To Manage All Your Digital Assets In One Place!"

He read it carefully and bam!

Called up his client and showed him how easily he can manage all his digital assets.

Situations like this arise everyday, using Capsian innovative tools goes a long way to cut out the drama for many!

The script doesn't end there as more traders gets introduced to the system, one of the biggest is Octagon Strategy Limited. Check out their partnership with Capsian here


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All images are sourced from Caspian resources

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