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When Love Becomes Bitter


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Margaret was perplexed with the situation on board she watches as Tracy walks to and fro their mini room apartment restless. She finally let the air she has held for some time out as she spoke we got to do something you know. Tracy replied yes I know about that and I am giving a thought about what we should do unlike you that's just sitting down there doing nothing. Margaret yelled at her I know you are affected by the fact Desmond ditch you for that rich girl but walking to and fro won't give us a solution right now we are jobless for Pete's sake and we got bills to pay. When she saw the tears on Tracy's face she reduces her tone to a low pitch I'm so sorry she said as she gets up and hugs Margaret it's going to be fine.

Desmond lay down like a wreck on the bed as he stares at the ceilings. He rewinds his thoughts to some hours back. He was supposed to propose to Tracy the woman he thought to be the love of his life but after receiving some cozy photos of she and his secretary he couldn't take the bold step of proposing to her rather he called off the relationship. He wished he had confronted her but he has vowed never to fall anymore for cheap lying whores that are just after his wealth. Perhaps his father was right a relationship with a poor girl will ruin him as they are all gold diggers so being with Tricia the rich kid though he lacks love for her seems to be the best for him.

Tricia walked out of the bathroom with only her towel tied to her chest having Desmond to herself was her dream right from when they were kids, she started crushing on him when she was 10 and him 15 though he never noticed her no matter how hard she tried. She is a girl whose parents brought up that she can get everything she desires so she did everything in her possibly best to get everything she wanted but Desmond proved to be a difficult nut to crack until two weeks back when Margaret paid her a visit and within the twinkle of an eye she had Desmond to herself.

She climbed the bed and tried to kiss Desmond but he pulls her off. Tricia please not tonight I need to rest he spoke. What's the meaning of this? You proposed to me today and yet you don't want to touch me seriously? Tricia wanted to go on and on but she kept quiet because she didn't want to annoy Desmond and let him slip away from her hands. She spoke, "it's alright you can get all the rest you want".

Tracy was fast asleep but that wasn't same for Margaret she couldn't close her eye for a minute she stares at the wall clock it was 3am, it's been up to three hours she lay on the bed but sleep wasn't coming. Her thought drifted to seven hours back.

Desmond was putting on a shinning suit standing on the podium addressing the crowd. He gasps as he continued his speech so here is the time for the big announcement I want to introduce you to someone special who has been there for me and my family. Tracy was all smiles expecting her name to be called, she used her last savings to buy the dress she was putting on because Desmond has told her it will be a big occasion and he is going to introduce her to his colleagues, friends, and family. When she heard the name Tricia Adams she thought she was being deceived by her ears and she was walking towards the podium until she was stopped by a bodyguard, Ma sorry you can't go to the front it's for special guests. I am a special guest he just called my name Tracy Adams. The bodyguard looks at her with a frown it's Tricia Adams and not your Tracy. Tracy took her eyes up to the podium and saw a petite looking girl on heels that has a broad smile pronouncing her open teeth and dimples. She blinks her eyes this better be a dream she said to herself.

Desmond continued. In the last three years as the CEO of Des-Excel a company dedicated to advertising your brands and products, I have always had a backbone by my side. It's a popular saying that behind every successful man out there, there is a woman and today I am introducing you to the woman behind my success, he went down on his knees. Tricia Adams, you are an Angel that was always there for me but I never realize until now thank goodness it wasn't so late before I came to the realization. Will you do me the honor of becoming my wife?

The crowd yelled as Tricia screamed yes. Everyone was picking up their gadgets to snap a photo or record a video of the event. Tracy's legs were shaking she was looking for Margaret and someone touches her on the back. Hey, model Tracy please I will like to have a word with you. She was motionless at that moment as she followed Becky, the modeling agent for Des-Excel out of the reception to a quiet ground. Tracy the management just cut off your contract as a model for Des-Excel, Margaret walked at that moment. Becky wore a cold look and continue speaking, Hey Margaret I was just speaking to Tracy that your both services won't be needed by Des-Excel Agency and you are required to return all costumes and accessories with you that's of the Agency. Tracy yelled I don't have your time Baked bread, Becky or wherever you call yourself. I have to speak with Desmond right now.

She was about walking into the hall when Desmond's P.A stopped her. Frank thank goodness you are here for I can't understand a thing about tonight. Frank replied I'm sure you will understand this as he gave her a big envelope. Mr. Desmond Okada won't love to see you on this premise or close to him any longer and the reason is in this envelope. It's funny how your kind of girls behave, you have a diamond but you choose stones instead. What? Are you okay? What are you talk-ing a-bo-ut? Tracy stammered.


Margaret step in ranting, imagine not only are we to return their costumes that your so-called boyfriend or should I say ex-boyfriend as he already got a fiancee today said we can have, but they also are not paying us a dime for our modeling tour. Margaret stopped talking as she saw the pictures. Tracy's eyes grew so big immediately. What's this? No this can't be me? It isn't me right? Margaret looks at the pictures and held her arm.
She hasn't even come to an average state of mind when some Bodyguards and Frank came. You are advised to leave now Frank spoke. You don't want your sexy photos to be distributed around the net you know? He smacks his lips in a seductive manner. Tracy raised up her hands to slap Frank but Margaret held her back. It's no good Tracy let's go, we are going to think this through.


Margaret stretches her body and Tracy was brought back to her thoughts. Don't tell me you ain't sleeping because of that bastard? And are those tears?
I can't cry because of a man she told a very visible lie and walk to the bathroom. Margaret sighed she never intended to put her friend through such heartache but she got to do what she did to save her and right now her actions have cost them their jobs and their house rent is already due

8am in the morning

Wake up sleepy head. Margaret Tossed Tracy's pillow. Where are you going all dressed up Tracy asked with sleepy eyes? To take care of an urgency. Promise me to stay put and not to leave the house, there is food and water if you feel bored watch a movie. Won't stay longer than 12 pm.
Wow! What a good way of putting me on house arrest? If you are so afraid of me causing a scene in Des-Excel or Desmond's apart. Don't you think you should be more afraid of me using the kitchen knife to stab myself? Tracy replied.
Margaret let out a chuckle, well you are a crazy girl but not that crazy at least not yet. Stay put baby she peck Tracy on her cheek, see you soon. Tracy let a smile alright mummy. Though she was trying to act tough but deep down she was broken. She has called Desmond's number and tried to message him on social media but she noticed he has blocked her.

What she was yet to understand was how was there a semi-nude photo of her and Desmond's secretary in a bed. She never cheated on Desmond or neither has had sex with his secretary, Paul. Since Paul's number wasn't going through she decided to ignore her promise of staying at home to Tracy and pay Paul a visit she needed an explanation and an urgent one. She just couldn't accept Tracy's explanation of Desmond manipulating the photo to spite her and not to pay them their earnings.



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