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  1. The preaching of the word for spiritual growth, edification, cleansing, enlightenment and equipment 1 Cor. 1:17.

  2. Teaching Matt 28:19-20; this is the careful and systematic expounding of the word to establish and confirm believers. Col. 1:27-29.

  3. Taking the oversight of the church to ensure vitality vibrancy and spiritual reality in its worship and activities. Acts 20-28.

  4. It is the work of the Pastor to ensure that the spirit of unity, peace, love and harmony prevails in the church.

  5. He is to train those who manifest evidence of call into the ministry and also pick out workers and train them for the work of the church.

  6. The Pastor must inculcate into his people the spirit of Evangelism and mission.

  7. Provide healing of the body, mind {soul} and spirit of the people through preaching the whole counsel of God.

  8. He is a counselor who counsels instruct and guide his people in a moment of crucial decisions like salvation, business, marriage etc.

  9. He directs all service at every given activity day and be sure of leading the people of God to His presence always.

Establishing now convert class where the new members will be trained so that they conform to the group norms.

His leadership role:

If the congregation is to enjoy the great pleasure or joy of green pastures and still waters. It must be led there by the pastor-shepherd like Moses and Gideon.

a) Authority: A careful study of the New testament Bible books reveals that authority in itself is not wrong. Authority in the church in different from that outside it.

Look at what Jesus said concerning ministers role as leaders. Read Math 20:25-27, the minister’s life and ministry will document his authority. Note; position never gives you the right to command. It only impose the duty, so live that others can receive your orders without being humiliated.

b.) Creative leadership:

Wise pastors who are aware of their limitations in creative role will become successful borrowers (that is, employing the help of other ministers in the areas you are not effective e.g. if you are a pastor you may not be an evangelist at the same time, though you can do the work of an evangelist) etc.

As a leader be a motivator to motivate those working under you for this will induce them to put in their best.

The pastor who disregards the supervision of his denominational superiors creates an atmosphere of disrespect in his local church which will eventually lead to a lack of regard for his leadership on the part of the members. This rule is true in the higher plane of administration.


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