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VOP 2.0: Phosphorous Warheads Found On Smuggling Trail


7 months agoSteemit3 min read

Lewis Arthur has resurfaced, his latest find demanding him to share. On a route through an abandoned property, very near water jugs set out for the traffickers he found cases of 2.75" White Phosphorus Warheads. Based on further research done by a Twitter user Corey Waller, the Air Force bought these between 2014-2016.




Based on my experience on how objects fare in those hot Arizona summers, there is no way those crates would be in that good of shape spending long out there. The sun destroys untreated wood pretty quickly. I would also hazard a guess that no one in their right mind would leave them out in that hot sun for long periods of time.

Who has the authority to haul cases of these off of a military base and not need to account for them?

This is the next logical question. I have pointed out in most of my articles the obvious government collusion based on their attempts to discourage through harassment via the courts and CPS the men and women of VOP. This takes the collusion now to a dangerous level (not that we didn’t suspect it reached to the top of the chain in Washington). I would hazard a guess one would need some high level clearance to haul cases of these off a military base and never return them.

The next question is who were they meant for? Terrorists to use on our own soil, or to be smuggled OUT of the country to “rebels” elsewhere, that the government can’t be seen publicly backing? Makes me wonder how much of the missing 21 TRILLIONmissing from the Defense department walked off our soil on that southern border. It was evident from the sex trafficking camp discovered at the abandoned Cemex property that our children are being hauled south of the border for sale in other countries. Guess it was foolish not to consider our tax payer bought weapons meant to deliver payloads of “freedom” around the world isn’t either.

Here are some links so you can understand why phosphorous isn’t a good thing to be held in the hands of people who wish ill on you.

The last link is the budget paperwork (declassified) for rocket launchers for these that was submitted in 2018.

I hadn’t planned on posting tonight, so keeping this brief. This pretty much says it all, and for any of you sitting on the fence, listening to the arguments about the shutdown, remember this trafficking is what they insist must continue. And I will reiterate, it is not a party issue as so many seem convinced of due to the posturing. Human wall anyone? Trump acted like he sent one, but as documented for some time by VOP, there isn’t sign of them in Arizona.

All one has to do to put this in perspective is see how much a small group (VOP) has accomplished using their own time and resources along with donations from concerned people who care what is happening to these women and children being trafficked. Please keep Lewis and his ministry in your prayers. They are like David standing against Goliath, and I applaud their faith in God to see them through.


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