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Spreading the Love to the Homesteaders Coop Community - a PowerHouseCreatives Contest...


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A wonderful contest put on by @zord189 for the #PowerHouseCreatives community allowing you to do a shoutout of your community - Love Your Steem Communities

Here's a BIG Shoutout to the Homesteaders Coop Community @Homesteaderscoop and the venue or website is

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I feel fortunate to be apart of the Homesteaders Coop community founded by @sagescrub. He had first begun this as a means to make some money from his homestead. His wife, upon looking at what he had created said: "why don't you share that with others" and so he did. Thus the continually growing and evolving Homesteaders Coop was born! Contributors started coming in wanting to be involved in this grass roots movement that was so empowering and offered so much value. Now, only seven months old, the Homesteaders Coop has over thirty vendors and a wide variety of goods and services in this International, community based marketplace. Such growth is wonderful to see and wonderful to be a part of.
I came in as a contributor because I believed in this concept and community so much! I had in the back of my mind, that it would be great to join up as a vendor in the future, if I wanted to make some extra money. Oh heck! Why wait for the future! I have some goods and products to offer, so I set up shop - Porters Place at and I'm slowly starting to offer my goods for STEEM SBD USD with an option to barter and soon I will be accepting Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH)! Exciting times!

In @sagescrubs own words for where Homesteaders Coop evolved:

Homesteaders Co-op has personally been a life changer for me when I made the choice to serve my community rather than seeing them as customers and having money be the primary driving objective in building Homesteaders Coop. Suddenly Homesteaders Co-op was not a business, and it has become a tribe with community goals. How will this go? Where will this lead? I don't know. Letting go of the attachment of wanting to control an outcome for financial gain has given me the freedom to enjoy walking into the unknown, rather than be paralyzed by the fear of failure. – That is BIG!
I feel lucky because my web design and programming skills from my past life, my love for homesteading and my excitement for Steem has come together and allowed me to share an idea that has blossomed into a beautiful shared vision.

What does the term homesteader conjure up in your mind?

Could it be folk who want to live sustainable lifestyles, adhere to sustainable values, folks growing their own food to gain a little food sovereignty, and perhaps make their own herbal medicines.

Many of us hold a very stereotypical idea of what a homesteader is and figure you need a large land mass but you can homestead on a ranch or you could be an urban homesteader.

Although this community has the title of Homesteader, as @minismallholding has said in her "Homesteaders - Living Naturally Newsletter" :

The community branches into so many different areas. Whether you're a backyard gardener or living on acres, interested in natural living and medicines or prepping, crafting, DIY and food preparation, interests and communities all interlink and are welcoming and I’m sure you’ll find something of interest to you and a place for you.

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At Homesteaders Coop you will find a place for everyone who is considering buying or selling within an ethical marketplace tied to an alternative currency. You can transact in USD, STEEM and SBD plus bartering and gifting. And the latest update, you can now transact with Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH)!

Unlike other marketplaces the vendors are not charged listing fees, subscription fees or transaction fees. There is no middle man and no fees passed on to the customers. This service is 100% free.

The cool thing about this community marketplace is that we can work together making it far more easier than trying to do it alone. Plus the vendors in the Co-op are Steemians and it's a perfect match for allowing folks to get to know these vendors.

If folks are new to Steem – the Homesteaders Coop community is there to welcome and support them with a special program for Newbies to help them get established, knowing that the more active people on the chain will makes it stronger, more valuable, more sustainable, and more appealing to other potential users.

Also Homesteaders Coop showcases communities to help in this on-boarding process, for they know what value there is in Steem communities, which may not be immediately apparent to outsiders. Thus the Co-op website is open to other communities and showcased at:

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Thanks for stopping by!

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