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Mustang aka Sonneillon.(Short story, part 4)


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Mustang aka Sonneillon.(Short story, part 4)


When I turned around I heard the soft thumb against the side of the doc.

I skipped normal walking and flashed myself to the exact spot where the sound came from and there it was, drifting in a mist of despair and blood, a black speedboat with three dead bodies. I kneeled down to be able to tangle my fingers in the long brown locks of what once looked like a male and lifted his head. I inhaled deeply when I realized it was Rainer, Mustangs right hand. His eyes told me a gruesome story about his death.

Before I could even push myself up from my kneeling position I felt two strong arms wrapping around my waist pulling me away. The ring on the right hand eased my anger while without being asked I place my hands on his and flash away from this scene.

For a brief moment, all I see are flashes of red flames dancing around me and him. The fun trippy part of flashing powers. I never have to eat magic mushrooms to feel high. Or, it might also be the reason some of us demons are a tad wacky in the head. In just a brief second we both slide through time and space while the flames dance around us before we land safe and sound in one of my own rooms. His arms tight around me in an embrace I am not used to getting from him.

I trail my fingers over his golden ring that holds the image of a mighty lion. Slowly, I turn around and lock my eyes with his. I ignore the unholy thoughts that creep into my mind while his strong hands find my firm round ass. "Care to tell me what the hell happened over there Buer?" I speak in a whispering tone. "Not really!" His answer is short and followed by a quick yet tender peck on my lush lips. When he tries to move his lips closer to me again, I remove myself from his embrace and step back.

"The mighty Buer setting steps on Earth but find no words to speak?" I speak in fake shock and roll my eyes in a most annoying way. What follows is a moment of silence only broken because of the fact that Buer no longer can hold his laughter. While to the room is filled with his bouldering roars of fun I wonder why he was there in the first place seeing that he and Mustang have been enemies for many moons.

"I demand one answer if you value your life you will answer it, Buer! Are you responsible for the Death of Rainer?" My words roll over my lips like sweet candy and it turns his laughter into a serious growl. "No, not that I cared for his life but I did not want you to end up going to Mustang either." I am not sure if he is telling me the truth because his eyes are telling me a different story.


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Thank you for reading my work! The next chapter will be posted soon!
This story is part of my Roleplay life and I have been working on it for a long time!
So, if you know where to go, you might have seen it before. BUT, I think you all don't know .... YET!




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