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Investing by fundamentals: Private currencies


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Present, past, future

I know a lots of people who thinks that Bitcoin is private. But it´s only half-true. Bitcoin can be private, but only if you use it right and you must be very careful.

In the very beginning of cryptocurrencies was one of the first real use cases of BTC "shadow market". I mean shady deals, money laundering and other illegal things.

But don´t be mad about it. It was good! Do you know why? Because now there are different times and most of the illegal activity is out of BTC now.

The number one in money laundering and illegal businesses is still USD and EUR!

Every day are Exchanges more and more regulated and BTC more clean. But with regulation is here one more important thing, transparency.

Yes, it´s good on mass adoption, but when you want truly anonymity or privacy, you have to use other cryptocurrencies.


Why invest in private cryptocurrencies?

Be anonymous, be independent. These were the first principles fo cryptocurrencies. Everytime there will be someone who will want to be confident. There are many legal reasons, why you want to stay hidden. There will be always a market for these currencies.

The biggest opportunity I see in currencies with options about privacy. When you will use ZEC/ZEN, you can choose, if you want to send private transaction or transparent.

This is a big deal because if there will be new regulations about private cryptocurrencies, these ones can survive on Exchanges.

Why you have to be careful?

If you will invest only in private currencies, you risk that with bigger regulations, these coins will be delisted from Exchange.

What private cryptocurrencies can we buy?

We have many options

  • Monero: uses cryptography to shield sending and receiving addresses, as well as transacted amounts. Monero transactions are confidential and untraceable. But you can´t send transparent transaction. It´s one of the oldest cryptocurrencies with big team and community. Must have!

  • ZEC/ZEN: great alternative of Monero, you can choose if you want to send private or transparent transaction. ZEN has great possibilities with Secure and Super Nodes to earn some extra money and implement some new features.

  • Verge and others, you can invest here to diversify your portfolio, but learn more before you start investing here! There are some speculations about this project, but it´s on another post...

Remember, this is not investment advice. I only speak about my opinion. Use your mind ;-).

What cryptocurrencies do you prefer? I am curious about it.

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