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Krispy Kreme Christmas Collection - Winter Berry


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Afternoon Donut Fans!

I can’t believe I am still writing about Krispy Kreme’s Christmas donuts!! I have been off Steemit for a while because I have been having some personal issues. I am back on track and I am still eating Krispy Kreme donuts so there will still be plenty for me to write about. Thankfully their donuts are quite memorable so it is easy for me to look at a picture and remember the taste sensation. This is the last one out of the three and then I can move on to some other donuts I have had the pleasure of eating.

Winter Berry

”Krispy Kreme’s signature ring doughnut, dipped in white icing and hand decorated with holly and berries."

Everyone loves a Krispy Kreme’s Signature Ring, and if you don’t, there is something wrong with you. As per usual the donut itself is light, fluffy and airy. It’s definitely a Christmas looking donut. My donut was covered in holly and berries. A lot more than what the picture is showing you. The holly leaves I believe are made of royal icing. They are hard and have a crunch to them. The icing for the berries and the stripes was a gorgeous red colour. I don’t believe the red icing had any flavour to it though. The White icing gave a nice coverage to the top of the donut. It was very silky smooth from what I could see underneath all the berries and holly leaves.

I thought this donut was going to be overly sweet but it was really nice. I’m pretty sure I could have eaten three of these in a row with a nice warm cup of tea to wash them down with. I have to say out of all the Christmas donuts, I still would go for Rudolph every time. The other donuts were nice, but personally Rudolph was my favourite. I wonder what Chrismassy creations Krispy Kreme are going to bring out this year. I can’t wait to see what’s in store… literally!!

Merry Sparkle

Spooky Sprinkles
Vimto Ring
Vimto Shimmer
Frankie Frankestein

Caramel Glazed


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