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Some Say I Have Big Feet...I Say I Won't Tip Over Easily {#PowerHouseCreatives Contest}


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Sneakers, sneaks, tennis shoes, tennies, trainers, running shoes, crosstrainers...


My pal @zord189 challenged us #powerhousecreatives folks to think about what kind of shoe we would be for the weekly community contest. Though he normally encourages us to get creative, I might just take it the more literal route this time around. "To thine own SHOE be true..." or something like that. 😉 These contests have traditionally been a fun way for me to branch out of my usual content and share some personal history, so I might as well stick with the formula for this one.

I don't think it will come as much of a surprise that if I were a shoe, you would find me in the athletic section of the store. Due to my career choice and love of running, I buy more sneakers than any other type of shoe. I try to embrace a minimalist approach to my spending, but running shoes are something I do have to purchase on a regular basis. Feet are pretty darn important when you stand on them all day I think part of my choice in jobs had some small part to do with being able to where comfortable clothes all day, haha. Trying to find a size 11 in women's shoes was traditionally a bit challenging, but over the years the demand has helped the offerings grow for us long-footed gals.

IMG_20181006_112247850_HDR 1.jpg

I tend to be a creature of habit, so I often stick with shoes I like as long as I can find them. My favorite brand for quite some time has been Merrell. At this point I can't tell you how many different colors of the same style I've had over the years!


After suffering with IT band syndrome from overtraining for my first half marathon years ago, I switched to minimal shoes like these and never looked back! I love having a better connection with the ground. My running form improved considerably after getting used to them, and I enjoy training in the gym in light, responsive shoes, as well. Generally I buy whatever color is on sale, so the latest ones just happened to be bright yellow. Blue is always my favorite, though. 💙


Besides just being athletic, how else are they like me? Well, they're quite practical. Pretty sturdy despite looking a little lean. Vegan (yes, that's one of the great things about this style in this brand--vegan-friendly materials!). Not fussy at all. Willing to go the extra mile. Always down for some fun and activities. And they keep a low profile. 😉


Despite loving my sneaks, shoes have always been an item that brings up a little bit of anxiety for me. I grew tall quite fast as a child, and my feet grew right along with the rest of me. Pants and shoes were a bit tough to find in the right size. My feet were long, but narrow. Apparently a lot of shoe designers at the time didn't realize that not all big feet were also wide. With also having the issue of pants sometimes being too short, I was always self-conscious of what my feet looked like in shoes.

@jaynie wrote a post recently about how her son was the recipient of some unfortunate bullying in school, and it brought up a lot of memories for me growing up with judgmental peers. I can remember distinctly a time when a boy told me I must be "really good at barefoot water skiing because your feet as big as the skis." Of course later on in life I realize he was just intimidated because I was probably taller (and made better grades) than he was, but at the time it was just one of many hurtful comments I received that all added up to some serious confidence issues.

I hated dressing up because I never wanted to have to wear any type of heel and be even taller than I was already. Stick me in a stiletto and I feel like a baby giraffe learning how to walk even to this day! Thank goodness for time and perspective. I know many women worry about aging, but so far I absolutely love getting older and continuing to care less and less about what others think if I feel good about myself. Don't get me wrong, I still catch myself comparing myself to others or wishing I was a bit more stylish, but I also know I look and feel damn good in a pair of jeans and sneakers.


Years ago I wouldn't be caught dead wearing bright yellow rain boots, but now I think they were the best $14 I've ever spent. I can splash through the streets of Atlanta without getting my beloved minimal sneakers drenched. Even better is when I wear my black and white striped tights with them, which make me look like a bumble bee. 🐝 Most of the time they actually put a smile on people's faces when they see me on a dreary day, so I look forward to rainy days sometimes just to have an excuse to break them out!


Speaking of smiling, these ridiculous heels were gifted to me by a client as a joke, and they have definitely brought some good laughs on the few occasions I have brought them out of the closet! They may or may not have come with me to a pole dancing class with some girlfriends... I do have to be careful in these, though, as I could easily break an ankle taking a step in them. I tried to find the picture of me wearing them in the gym when he first gave them to me, but I think it might be on someone else's phone. I believe they make me about 6'3" tall at least. 😂 I've thought about giving them away, but in Marie Kondo-speak, they still spark joy for now.


I'll finish out with a longtime classic. These are my favorite concert-going shoes, and I've had a similar pair in my closet ever since I was about 10 years old. They were a close second for which shoes I think are "me". My niece likes these, too, so I may have to keep a close eye on them. Her feet look like they might just about be as big as mine some day, so hopefully I can guide her along and be proud of being a gal with a solid footing underneath her.



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