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PLANKTON Token Buyers Beneficiary Reward Program Week 5 (DISTRIBUTION)


9 months agoSteemit2 min read

Hi Steemheads and Plankton Holders!

Week 5 Top 10 Buyers of Plankton is based on the timestamp last April 27, 2019 (Sunday). For now, as a token of appreciation, we decided to send 0.25 STEEM to our top 10 holders on the 4th week. This is not a guarantee nor expectation that we will send same amount every week but we'd just like to thank our contributors. This rewards value may change later once we have established the streams of finances for the Plankton Token project. It's the same amount for all top 10 holders, this too may change in the future.

Top 10 Buyers Of Plankton Token (Week 4)


Do you want to be in this list?

Then buy and hold the Plankton token in the Steem Engine Dex. Currently priced at 0.25 Steem per Plankton, we have 350 tokens for sale at this price on the Dex before we increase it to 0.30 Steem/ Plankton. Token sale income goes to helping Planktons and more perks for people who has Plankton. This is a worthy investment for sure! We want to give hope to Planktons and to Steemit as a whole.


The Plankton Token is building its community of Planktons in Discord and we want to introduce a fun way to gather all of us there. We are calling all Plankton holders to join us in the Official Plankton Token Discord Server and enjoy daily rains of different cryptocurrencies and other perks like games, raffles and lottery!

If you are a Plankton and you are interested to join the community, please visit us in Discord. Also, you may support the Plankton Token Project by buying and holding the PLKN Tokens in the Steem Engine Dex here: PLANKTON

PS: Hold a minimum of 20 PLKN tokens and be a VIP (Very Important Plankton) and discover more perks!

AIRDROPS: 20 tokens more are for Airdrops. Comment below if you have not received airdrops of PLKN, you may also comment your friends username if you want to send them PLKN token airdrops.


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