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Challenge Accepted | Hive Is Real Money


4 days ago2 min read

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The beginning of the month is always crazy busy for me & today was no exception. Catching up on curating & completing my entry for the #HivePUD initiative, I have been on fire…

So, I thought I would jump into the #HiveIsRealMoney challenge speared by @sergiomendes. This is a great way to share real life HIVE currency use & experiences in our communities as well as get us motivated to make new goals to use HIVE in different ways in the future.

The video tells about my own small experience & I invite you to jump in as well. What has the currency done for you? :)

Also, a big shout out to @hiveswag for having great merch & their proactive presence on the blockchain :)

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Sergio’s original vlog post about the #HiveIsRealMoney challenge

Two crypto currency platforms I use to swap HIVE or HBD for other crypto:


Simple Swap

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