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Hive proposal for Pinmapple & Haveyoubeenhere 🍍🥳


2 months ago2 min read

I have some news to share with all you Pinmapple & Haveyoubeenhere supporters out there! We have created a proposoal to speed up and sustain the growth for both projects. I have updated our intro post to reflect the proposal. In there you can have a clear overview of what we are trying to accomplish and have already accomplished with both projects. I would highly recommend you to check out the entire post but for those who want a quick recap, read on. On an unrelated note, I would also like to mention that we have extended the contest that you can find in the intro post until the 7th of April, so if you did not take Mr. Pinmapple on a trip yet, you definitely should! 😁


  • 50k+ posts on the map
  • 8k+ posts curated
  • One of the oldest projects around (3 years)
  • One of first dapps to switch to Hive
  • Widely used by travel community
  • One of the main reasons travel content is higher quality


  • The social media app for travelers
  • More than an idea: iOS and Android app are live already!
  • Potential for mass adoption
  • Accessible for everyone on and off chain
  • Easy to log in: Hivesigner, Facebook Login, Apple Sign In
  • Cross-post to Hive and automatically pin to Pinmapple


We are asking for 85 HBD (p/d). We are confident we will be profitable within 7 months, so the proposal will also only last for that time period. If we are profitable earlier, we will cancel the proposal the moment we are. The following is the breakdown:

  • 50 HBD for development (min. 40 hours p/week)
  • 5 HBD for design (min. 4 hour p/week)
  • 30 HBD for other purposes (marketing, legal, server etc.)

If you believe we bring value to Hive, vote for our proposal. It's the one called "Pinmapple & Haveyoubeenhere".


With ❤️ from the Pinmapple & Haveyoubeenhere team


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