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New Minglewood Blues


4 months agoSteemit

Any Grateful Dead fans out there? Here's a cover of New Minglewood Blues that I played with some friends at the Hot Spot in Waynesboro Virginia. The original Minglewood Blues, (which sounds nothing like The Dead’s version) was released in 1928 by Noah Lewis from Memphis, Tennessee. The Dead's version is a reworking of 1930's “New Minglewood Blues” by the Noah Lewis Jug Band. The Dead first called this song "New, New Minglewood Blues", and then later reworked it into "All New Minglewood Blues" which is actually the version we are playing in the video. This fast-paced and energetic number usually featured ripping solos from Jerry's guitar and the keyboards, and was often used to get the crowds up and dancing as a 1st or 2nd set opener.


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