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Extending the deadline for my (2500 staked CCC) #creativecoin writing contest to 0:00 AEO September 25 2019


8 months ago2 min read

Yesterday the @creativecoin crowd anounced Proof of Stake Rewards with Creative Coin, making staked CCC more valuable not just for curators but also for content creators.

As I am currently running a #creativecoin writing contest with up to 2500 (staked) CCC as prize, that is supposed to close tomorrow ,and currently has only a single entry by @suesa, I thought it might be a good moment for a little three day extention of the deadline from 0:00 AEO September 22 2019 to 0:00 AEO September 25 2019.

Note that by the updated contest rules, @suesa currently stands to win 1500 staked CCC. An extra contender would lift the prize to 2000 staked CCC and two or more extra contenders would lift it to 2500 staked CCC. So even if you don't feel you can do better than @suesa did, your entry will give the prize for the person who wins a 500 CCC prize boost at the moment.

I hope one of you will that whoever wins this contest will leave their prize staked, especially as @creativecoin is making keeping your CCC staked more rewarding for non-curating #creativecoin users right now.

In short a little rehash of the contest as it stands now.

  • Read the Foie-Grass story here here. It is a little nutrition inspired scifi story in my Nutridiluvian series that is missing an ending.
  • Write an ending. Extra credits for making it a desturbing ending. Post the ending on STEEM before the deadline, using both the #creativecoin and the #fiction tag.
  • If there is one contender (there currently is), the prize will be 1500 staked CCC, two contenders, 2000 staked CCC, three or more contenders, 2500 staked CCC.
  • If there are two or more contenders, and the winner doesn't agree with inclusion (with credits and modest royalties) of his/her entry or a rendering of his/her entry into my upcoming Nutridiluvian e-book, and the runner-up does, the prize will be split between the winner and the runner-up.


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