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@phortun´s Saturday upvote giveaway 37#: submit your nominations


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Hi there my Steemian friends and followers!

Welcome to the 37th round of my Saturday upvote giveaway, a weekly series where anyone can nominate good but undervalued posts that they have recently come across on Steem. I check all the nominations and upvote the best ones.

There are many great posts created on Steem every day that just don´t get the reward they deserve so let´s do some justice here together :)


The rules of the giveaway are simple:

1. Only one nomination (post) per person.
2. The nominated post cannot be older than 4 days.
3. Author of the nominated post must be plankton or minnow (SP<5,000).
4. Upvote value of the nominated post cannot be higher than $2.
5. No self-nominations.

Note: In case of a low number of nominations, I might not insist on some of these requirements so that more posts can make the cut and / or I can nominate some posts myself.

You can submit your nominations in the comment section below from now until Tuesday, 8 P.M. (CET) when I will go through all the nominated posts, pick up to 5 of them and reward them with my full upvote.

In the last round, I upvoted these nominated posts:

DIY busy board/ DIY planche sensorielle by @drawmeaship

My Actifit Report Card: January 20 2020 by @krakonos

3 typy lidí, které přicházejí do krypta | Najdete se? by @ritxi

Feel free to visit their authors´ blogs and give them some Steemian love and appreciation too :)

Thank you for your cooperation. I am looking forward to checking and upvoting your nominations. Let´s help some hardworking but undervalued members of our community grow! :)

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