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First time in Singapore


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It was my very first time in Singapore and i fell in love with this city!

The Vlogs

Because Singapore is so diverse i made a daily vlog. I experienced so many things there that i can tell every day a different story.

The Stay

We booked the Mercure hotel near the bugis trainstation and it was an amazing hotel! watch the vlog for more!


First day in Singapore

In this video we spend our first day exploring the city and its different city districts.

tasting the Durian Mooncake

Have you ever tried the Durian fruit? I haven't until i bought this super expensive Durian Mooncake!
watch me taste it:

What an awesome city

We really enjoyed our time in Singapore and love to come bck again!
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What i realized
"This world has more to offer than we can explore in a lifetime.", so what are you waiting for? go out there and explore this beautiful planet.

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