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Pennsif - The Early Years - Wicksteed Park & London Zoo (c 1968)


last month

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I am back on the dodgems - age 7 or 8 I believe.

This was Wicksteed Park - so I think the dodgems on the previous movie might have been Woburn Abbey instead.

Another year older so I got to drive myself this time.

School uniform was still our Sunday best for trips like this - I remember my grey school jumper and my grey short trousers.

Then off to London Zoo in Regent's Park.

There was a rhinoceros looking bored, and an elephant happy to be fed.

The penguins obviously made an impression on me as I became a penguin catcher 15 years later.

And a bear begging for treats, and zebras playing around and giraffes standing tall.

There's a boat on Regent's Canal, and then the bright lights of Piccadilly Circus.

I haven't been to a zoo for many a year. I guess there is less feeding the animals and more Health & Safety these days.

Happy days, happy memories...

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