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My First Introduction To Hive


2 months ago2 min read

Hello everyone, my name is Victoria Popoola. I'm really honoured to be a member of this community.


Who Am I?
I am Victoria Popoola. I'm presently 16, but in a few months, I'll clock 17. I'm a Nigerian, and I live in the western part of Nigeria. I'm a student of Olabisi Onabanjo University, presently studying Guidance and Counselling. My aspiration is become a clinical therapist.

What I do?
Apart from being a student of Guidance and Counselling. I'm involved in other things.

Writing: I'm a writer, I started writing at the age of ten. Then writing was only an hobby, I would write stories to my friends and classmates. Today, I professionally improved in my writing skills, I've accounts in different writing applications. I'm currently writing a novel named 'This Is Me.' I started this novel 2018 and I believe it'll be completed this year. Below is one of my first quote from the novel.


Photography: I am partially involved in photography. I say this because I don't own a camera yet, and I haven't taken any phototherapy classes. Although I have shots taken on my phone but none of them are professionally taken.

My Purpose on HIVE.
My purpose here is to share my creativity with the world. Asides from that, I want to impact individuals on Hive with my knowledge and skills.
Finally, I plan to make new friends, meet new writers and support communities.

Thank you for taking your time to read.

Sincere thanks to @starstrings01 and @hivepack for referring me to Hive.


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