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@pcste witness update 17/01/2019

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7 months agoSteemit

Witness server updated to version 0.20.8.
Steem reg fee changed to 3.000

pcste witness server details :
server specs
Intel i7
2x2 TB HDD
1gbit/s network

steem version, 0.20.8.
current witness position : 181 (136 active rank)
Total missed blocks : 26
block size 65536
account creation fee 3.000 STEEM

server rented from @privex (if you'd like to rent from privex , they run a referal program. for 5% discount of your first months bill put "referred by PCSTE" in the "notes" on the order form)

using @someguy123's steem in a box, @netherdrake's conductor and @yabapmatt's price feed.

If you like my posts and what i'm doing on steemit, please give me a witness vote.
witnesses keep the steemit blockchain running smoothly and it costs us to run our servers.
Your witness vote helps to pay for the server cost. as yet i do not have enough votes to cover my costs.

Please vote pcste for witness.
to vote for me go to : scroll down the page and enter pcste into the box (dont use @sign) then click vote.


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