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#doit4thebag Rapchallenge week #4


2 years agoBusy2 min read

So as we do... we're a day late with the post. So... this post is going to add weight to the winners pot. You know how its all going to go right? Just drop a video of you doing something something over the instrumental I'll post.

Im also up to take custom instrumentals. We may even be able to get those distributed to get some revenue. Sickness.

Rules are simple-
Use the tags #doit4thebag and #thebag!
There's no time limit, just go in!
Record a video of you rapping over the beat and post it! Also leave a comment of the video and link to the post!
You have a week from now to enter, next Saturdau is the deadline!

snap (1).jpg

To learn more about #thebag check out these posts -
We're on Discord too -

After the deadline i will judge all the entry's with the help of my partner @kenentertainment, the winner will be announced next Thursday. The winners will get #thebag aka SBD! First place will get 1.000 SBD, Second place will get 0.700 SBD, and Third place will get 0.300 SBD!
Goodluck to everyone! I can't wait to hear yalls entry's!

I want to gear it up... so if the post exceeds this. You competitors will receive that also. So promo mofos


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