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After leaving my country last year and travelling around Europe non-stop for close to 6 months – constantly repacking and reorganizing my belongings, I’ve come up with an essential packing list, of things that you might not necessarily think to take with you on your OE – an Overlooked OE Packing List, if you will.
Now, this means my list does not cover regular items such as underwear, clothes, toothpaste etc – it’s my hope that as well as a fine taste in literature, my readers have the initiative to pack these themselves.
Now, on with the list!
1. Your Flag
Flags are great to take to festivals, on group tours and odd jobs you find yourself working at.
2. A Reusable Tote Bag

I think most people think to take a plastic bag for their shoes or dirty washing etc. This is great. I also recommend taking a reusable tote bag. I used mine all the time, carrying groceries, washing, picnics, spare clothes etc. They take up hardly any space and don’t break as easily as plastic ones.
3. Transportation Comforters – travel pillow, earplugs, eye mask

Long-haul travel can be a bitch. Best to just try get comfortable and sleep..
4. A Basic Costume

At least once in your travels you’ll probably end up at a costume party – and if you’re going on ANY type of tour then you’ll probably end up at more than one. In preparation for this I advise taking some costume basics away with you. Nothing big and elaborate, just something that you could easily adapt to a costume if need be.
5. A Portable Mirror

I’m not that vain, but you really should take one. Just a small one, about the size of your whole hand and can fit your entire face. They’re just handy.
6. A USB Stick

You meet people when you travel, and some people just have cool stuff – movies, music, games, Grab it while you can, you never know when it might come in handy!
Also save photos regularly, as things get stolen (yup, still mourning over my iPhone).
7. Duct tape

I know it sounds odd, but a friend recommended me take this when I left home last year, and although I was reluctant at first, now I totally agree. I think just half a roll is fine (as they’re usually pretty big) but it comes in handy with all sorts of things… make-shift washing lines in hostels, repairing holes/handles in luggage, costume, and just generally taping shit in places that you want it taped. I can’t think of anymore examples, but I know I used lots, especially when I least expected it!
10. Copies of everything.
Passport, Visa, Insurance, iPhone receipt, Credit Cards etc
So that’s it! My Overlooked OE Packing List! Pack these and soon your bag can look just as good as mine!


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