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Chanakya Niti: In Jawaharlal Nehru’s Discovery of India, Chanakya has been hailed because the Indian Machiavelli for the astute economist was a kingmaker. He was the person who had envisioned the primary united empire of India which could effectively fight Greek conqueror Alexander. However, his teachings don’t pertain to only Economics and politics. Neither are they hard to know. In fact, there are some which you want to remember while choosing friends, sharing your emotions with others and while putting your trust in someone. Here are 10 quotes that you simply must remember:

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  1. a person can only lead a healthy and hassle-free life until he comes across these 4 poisons in his life: Half-knowledge, digestion problems, forgetting roots, lust for younger ladies.

  2. A mentor never discusses his financial constraints. If you're browsing a loss, keep it to yourself.

  3. Avoid those that talk sweetly ahead of you but tries to ruin you behind your back, for he's sort of a pitcher of poison with milk on top.

  4. Never spend one day pass without learning a verse, half a verse, or a fourth of it, or maybe one letter of it.

  5. These five are your fathers: he who gave you birth; girdled you with the sacred thread; taught you; provided you with food; and guarded you against fearful situations.

  6. an individual who cannot decide his goal, simply cannot win.

  7. Always keep your biggest plans as a secret. the only suggestion is to continue the task without grabbing much attention.

  8. Infatuation is that the biggest disease, greed is that the worst enemy of a private, Anger is that the endless fire and among all possessions, knowledge is supreme.

  9. Raining over the ocean, helping the capable, and lightening a lamp in daylight are nothing but useless acts.

  10. you ought to be shameless while learning, negotiating in business, and having food.

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