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Gridcoin - State of the Network - 17 June 2019

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Report #38 - June 17th, 2019

Welcome to another Gridcoin State of the Network! The SotN is published on the 3rd Monday of every month. For more information on the happenings within the Gridcoin network be sure to check out the other reports put together by the community!

@crypto-swiss’s monthly reports
@parejan’s weekly project updates


Elizabeth Milestone Progress

Progress on the next planned release, Elizabeth, is chugging along. There are twelve issues merged so far and plenty of others in the pipeline. As always, the best way to keep track of progress is by taking a look at the milestone on the repo.

In short, Elizabeth is expected to work on beacons and general improvements. The result of these changes should enable the removal of the team requirement. There is no expected release date for Elizabeth. It will be released after the core team feels enough items have been merged and everything has been adequately tested. Elizabeth will be a mandatory update. This means exchanges will be notified well before the actual release as they will need to disable their wallets until the network updates and proves stability. Keep this in mind as we get closer to release.


Help Build Outreach Documentation by Answering Questionnaires

Part 1
Part 2

There has been a significant push at outreach development over the past several weeks. Most of the discussion is happening on slack (where most development discussions take place). There are documents and initiatives being built and plenty of ideas being explored. If you want to help but don't have a lot of time, answer the questions on the reddit threads linked above! You can give as much or as little information as your heart desires, but all answers help.

BOINC Project [email protected] Removed from Gridcoin Whitelist

BOINC project [email protected] was removed from the Gridcoin whitelist on May 31st.

Take a look at the linked post for full details.

Gridcoin Development Task Request: Build New GUI With Created Assets - 512,000 GRC Reward

A 512,000 GRC bounty for building a new core GUI with the existing assets still exists.

Completed Assets

Any person or team seeking to claim the bounty can contact one of the following core developers through Github or on the Gridcoin slack server.


Additionally, feel free to join Slack or Discord to begin a conversation.

Slack Invite

Gridcoin discord

Gridcoin on IdeaHub

Community member @jringo shared Gridcoin with the IdeaHub community over at @utopian-io . It's about a 40 minute discussion on BOINC, Gridcoin, and FOSS organization. Go ahead and have a listen, and feel free to send some love to our friends over at Utopian!

Utopian Youtube
Utopian Podbean
Utopian Website

Top Threads

Below are two related threads discussing possible utility relationships between the new scraper and scientific articles and documents.

Gridcoin for Academic Publication Stats
Follow-up to the thread posted above

Additionally, there was a RFD on some of the economic mechanisms of Gridcoin.

RFD To Tie Minting of Coins for Interest to Lower Percentage of What is Minted for Research

Live Community Discussions

There are three new Gridcoin Fireside episodes titled:

The Gridcoin Fireside #07 - Building Gridcoin Outreach Initiatives
The Gridcoin Fireside #08 - Funding For and By the Blockchain
The Gridcoin Fireside #09 - Outreach

You can listen to them all on the DCUni podbean channel.

The Gridcoin Hangout has hosted hangouts #108, #109, and #110.

You can listen to them all on fkinglag's youtube channel.


The stats update is divided into 2 sections: Blockchain Statistics and BOINC Statistics.

Every month we bring you the most up to date statistics regarding the operation of the Gridcoin blockchain and Gridcoin BOINC projects. The information is gathered from Sunday to Saturday on a fortnightly basis and compiled from the getblockstats RPC command in the Gridcoin wallet, BOINCStats, GRCPool, Gridcoin Stats, and from individual project websites.


Blockchain statistics from 1/May to 31/May

The table below contains the blockchain statistics and covers blocks 1,588,290 to 1,616,913.

Blockchain charts

The charts below contain the longer term blockchain trends.


Team and pool statistics from 1/May to 31/May

The table below contains BOINC team and pool statistics for the month of May/19.

Team and pool charts

The team and pool charts contain the longer term team and pool trends.

This concludes the 38th Gridcoin State of the Network Report. We’ll see you in a month. Happy crunching!

Donate or side-stake to these reports with GRC: S2wn8dq1S39fJyh5Voo7xKwLzFaKyJhRkb


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