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Caught red tailed in the act!


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Now where did he get this Pecan nut?


Here I will show you a master thief at work!

I know that I have placed a few posts about the squirrels and some of you call me the "squirrel hunter", but this post was too good not to share. The little guy in the tree here entered from a different direction and his slow stealth immediately alerted me, as normally they bounce and jump around. Not this guy.
Let's check him out!


See? Here he flattens himself in the hiding position watching something!


Ah! His friend was burying a nut in the ground below the tree!


The nut was buried and the friend left to go and look for other nuts!


In a flash the hidden guy was down there searching for the buried nut!


He found the spot and started digging!


Jackpot! He found the nut!


He firmly uploaded the nut and scattered out of there!


Running across the wall back to the secret place where he stores his stash.

Shame, I wonder how his friend is going to feel when he is hungry in mid winter, when the trees are bare and he goes to find the nut that he buried here.
But then again, maybe the friend also goes about stealing the other guy's nuts for his own hidden stash hahaha.
They have already cleared out all of the macadamia nuts that I left for them under the tree and I think next Spring there are going to be some fat little squirrels around.
Sadly we will not see them, as our time here will be up and we will have moved elsewhere.
But this is life! Selah!

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