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It took a bit, but I have succeeded.

Hunting season has been open for a while here. I've gone out a few times, but until this morning I was unsuccessful. A number of factors came into play in my previous failed attempts, but I'm just glad to be past it now. This morning I had a number of reasonable shots that I could have taken at some deer. In the end, I chose to take two, and bagged two deer. Where I live, people can harvest up to five or six deer per season, depending on where you are hunting.

Hunting is one of the easiest and most cost effective ways for meat-eaters to obtain meat. Since public land is also open for hunting in many places, even if you live in the city or in an apartment building, you could still harvest wild deer. Anyway, I'm just glad to have gotten a few this year already, and glad that my shots were accurate too. Each deer fell in place.


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