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Opinion -- Are Growth Limits Necessary?


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So, I found an interesting article today that talks about the importance of setting growth margins and boundaries for one's self and sticking to those boundaries for a good period of time. i feel it is worth sharing because everyone values growth and the possibility of attracting bigger and better attention that is just right to make them prosper at whatever they're doing. It's everyone's dream to expand! And usually, the best way to stick-to, and measure that growth is to set a minimum threshold to the things you're supposed to do periodically to keep you in line with that goal, often times, allowing for the opportunity to do even more of it if you have more time and resources left.

  • Write at least an article each day.
  • Call at least 3 old friends today.
  • Study for at least 3 hours each day. Etc.

At least. -- Minimum, but will do more if i can.

This implies that everyone values the use of the lower bounds/limits to measure value input, and very few people realize the importance of the upper bounds. Or maybe they simply do not exist to us, after all, we seek growth.

What if it turns out so great that you cannot stop? What if the business/project becomes gets more attention than you bargained for? Would you still be able to control it then? Do you ride with it and expand your reach almost instantly? or do stick to your predetermined upper limits? Are you more sold out to the notion of earning more due to the current demand at the expense of working out a few important features on your new project first? If you were a project manager, do you care about user experience above the hype and big money flooding in? And if someone wanted more growth than they could handle, would it be termed as just the instinct for progress or flat out greed?

Ultimately, Is it important to have an upper bound and a self-imposed limit growth? To say no to some opportunities so that you can have more time to develop? Would it be ideal in real life? I'd love to hear your thoughts and maybe, experiences after you check out this article:

PS: Is there an appropriate tag for conversations such as this one on Steemit?



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