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So, you're a hippie?
So, you're a Rasta?
So, you're an artist huh?
So, you're a painter?
So, you're in construction?
So, you're an engineer?
So you're a carpenter?
So you're a bricklayer?
So, you're a soldier?
So, you're a survival man?

So, you're an inventor?

I'm a Dragon breathing smoke. I didn't know what I was but now I remember. I'm learning the fire still. Sometimes it's perfect. Sometimes I burn out or can't even find a spark. Flow is the balance between. Light toast. Slight roast. Or glass melting sweat dripping furnace flame. Controlled. Contained. Deep. Strong. The flame is Ultramarine Blue.

I have an avatar. It does whatever I tell it in my dreams. It used to be in better shape but has yet to peak. Its being controlled by the mind of an ancient soul. The mind is trying to remember what the soul learned long ago. Ancient truths. Alchemical processes. Unique experiments. Its just poetry. Go fuck yourself.

I don't know how many times I've started writing this post. Never seem to get it right. Important to go out with a bang, you know? Point is my blogging of late have caused real life troubles for me since people do not realise that most of what I write is simply deep irony and has nothing to do with real life events. It seems it's too real, too personal and too provocative (to some). It doesn't benifit me to keep writing this openly about my life. I also don't want it to get in the way of my career of choice. So there you have it folks. This is probably the last steemit post you'll see from me.

I'd like to view each post like a little chapter and in that case it feels good to leave this book behind. I think these stories deserve to age on their own.

Its a funny thing you know. Insights. A quick trip home was enough confirmation. People are starting to not take me seriously. That's fine, I've always joked a lot. Always saying things that are a bit tricky to understand. Looking back at the podcasts, music career, Christmas calendar, hostel attempt, recycling ramblings, boating ambitions, world rescuing, bank revolution, passport burning, suicide thoughts and drug liberalism - I get it. In my mind I set a high goal, said it aloud and went for it. When that didn't work out I tried something different. It's really cool to set an ambitious goal and take it home. Like proper homerun. Hit it out the bleacher, ya know. When you try that a few times though but hit and miss it's like your word gets watered out as time pass. Some people will stop responding to messages. Some people will just fall off the radar. Some might violently protest to your life decisions. Some may refuse to meet you altogether. Some very old friends may choose not to invite you to important social events, like weddings because you're "that guy".

Anyway. I've experienced mostly negative effects from openly discussing my life in this blog. It's not in my best interest to continue. Instead I will write about the fictional character Pablo as he starts up a restaurant on an unnamed Caribbean island after having escaped the short reach of the Scandinavian banking system in a stormy resent past.

It's in the Wicked fiction genre. Fiction so wicked it's actually faction. Maybe. I will mix in things so unreal that the nature of the genre cannot be questioned.

Here's a glimpse of what that might look like:

When Pablo considered the name for the new podcast series he was launching and figuring out the last pieces of the coming YouTube channel and setting the prices for the restaurant he just started with his neighbour while observing the rubble filled sandbags intended for building but filled incorrectly according to that 300 page pdf he downloaded he thought to himself: "Maybe I'm juggling to many things around?"

He was staring deep into the wall figuring out some of the most important questions of his life and life in general. The music had been played too many times. The last piece of clean clothing had been worn. He had finally put the perfect sorting system in place and exhausted himself in the process. He now knew where everything goes. Metal, glass, plastic, electronics, unrecyclebles like old fabric and rubber soles. Everything had its place.

In the world of janitor solutions Pablo finds his home. Pablo is the name given by locals as previous ones had proven too hard to pronounce. He's starting a restaurant with friends on the edge of the capitals boarder. The whole scenario is quite like the story for movies or books. See Pablo is a young white boy from a distant frozen country. Fleeing the life of slavery he ironically went to a Caribbean island, a region that was once critical to the slave trade. The Moores were the fiercest of slaves. They were the troublemakers. Mountain dwellers who escaped the chains of their masters with their permission against the promise of eviction of every newly arrived aspiring Moore. That way they were isolated. Adapted to the mountain life. Breathing the thin mountain air, climbing the walls and knocking out shelters from the rock. For decades they lived isolated from any outside contact. They developed their own language and some say they have a festival for a month will a fuck load of weed and alcohol in a location off limits to police and local/state authorities. Sounds interesting.

There was also a giant squid scaling buildings, eating children but no one noticed.

...and so on and so forth.

In other events the corruption and illegitimate censorship of Facebook is becoming increasingly evident and as a result a multitude of alternative platforms are popping up all over the place. The problem is just that, there are too many platforms for people to find one place to unite in mutually benificial circumstances. That being said I'm going to fly off to one of the other alternative platforms for a while. If you wish to join me send an email to [email protected] with honest answers to the following questions:

How do you know me?

Why do you think I'm funny and/or charming?

Will you ever use anything against me?

And I'll consider putting you on the mailing list for the future news letter with updates from the blog and youtube channel being launched after I release the short movie about my stay in Jamaica.

As my safety seems to be of some concern I'd like to take the opportunity to highlight my risk assessment evaluation memo below:

Disaster Plan
Shake it baby. Our sandbags, eco bricks and fish nets will neither bend nor brake. As long as the neighbours concrete block beast don't fall over on us we should be fine.

Harnessing the energy from extreme weather could be an important key to cover high energy demands in a world with an increasing amount of extreme weather conditions due to global warming.

The structural parts of the buildings will be fire proof. Interior and certain details might prove vulnerable to fire play.

Jamaicans are admittedly temperament full and reactionary. The spirit of Bob Marley and history of slavery has put a seed of doubt considering the legitimacy of the state and general authorities. A full blown revolution with customary riots is to be expected. My place will be a self sufficient fortress amongst the chaos. We will observe the scenery from the bullet proof roof top, drinking red stripe. There will be a live stream.

Not in the risk zone.

We will store all water that enters the limitations of this property.

Alright so I'm totally safe and Mountain View Avenue is a lovely neighbourhood no matter what they say.

To finish off I'd like to straighten out a few question marks as I seem to be getting a lot of the same questions of late.

Are you not lonely? / Do you have any friends?
To me it's not the most important thing to surround myself with people to enjoy myself. The world would be a better place if more people got to know themselves in solitude instead of being defined by whichever "in group" they are currently a part of. Yes, I'm a social being and will work up a circle of friends for play dates and what nots. No its not a priority, I'm catching a dream. Also the local community is really warming up.

Do you get any visitors?
Some unforseen delays have complicated visitation. I just finalised a reasonable toilet situation for receiving visitors. You're welcome to line up.

What do you eat?
I eat Jamaican fried chicken a lot. For breakfast usually raisins and oats. There are also spratts, breadfruit, fritaz and festivals. The occasional coconut. Like stuff. Veggie chunk and ital stew. Onion sauce and broad beans. Rice and peas. Dumplings and boiled banana. Good stuff.

What does your family say?
My sister no longer speaks with me. My mother is warming up. #workingonit

Are you an artist?
I don't know yet.

How much is the weed?
For about one us dollars worth you'll get a bag to last about 2 or 3 joints. That would be a 100 bag. There are also 50 bags and the exact size and difference between the to is up for some debate. 50 or 100 is in Jamaican dollars.

Is it true you're building a house of feces?
I have been doing some experimenting with a concept I call "Shit Bricks" but the results are inconclusive as of yet. It may need further development on the theoretical level before moving on with further tests. Because flies.

Are you ready to go back now?
Not really, I'm starting to feel at home on the island. Looks like I'm gonna have to, soon though.

How do you get money?
That's pretty much the point of this blog. If you don't know you haven't paid attention. Norwegian banks are sponsoring this shit show a little longer still.

Do you have a girlfriend?
No. I met a girl in Costa Rica that I'd very much like to meet again. In Jamaica I've been mostly working. Sometimes I flirt though. There's also this girl in Turkey I'd like to go visit some time and an old crush in Norway I'd love to reconnect with.

Do you exercise?
Not as much as I once did but more than most. Working on building a gym cage in my yard with pull up and dips capabilities as well as a boxing bag and possibly a squat rack in the same frame. I ride my bicycle anywhere I go. That's how they know me here: "white man pon da bicycle". I sometimes ride for a full day straight. I do heavy labour about 12-13 hours a day in periods. Also stretching a lot since I'm looking to perfect that high kick when I peak my physical abilities at 40. Not saying that peak couldn't last a few decades or that it can't be pushed even higher, since I'm going for 200 years. Just saying that's my next aim. A new peak.

On the Bank issue:
I have chosen to take down Swedbank first by letting their money laundering business in the baltics shed light on their main business principle of creating money from thin air, adding interest and profit to enslave the population. They should be out of business by the end of this year. I recommend to diversify your account holdings to not lose your hard earned digital credits. If you find a bank that still handles cash and have other legs to stand on apart from the banking business, that might be a good option. When the first bank crashes the whole system will domino down like a house of cards. Cash will work for a while, it's always wise to keep a stash somewhere safe. Bartering might work. It's always wise to keep a stash of alcohol ready. Eventually the flaws of the profit driven system will be tragically evident in how when the money ends - the deliveries stop. The food won't arrive to the supermarkets. Will farmers stop producing? Who knows? In a resource based economy the resources would be delivered to where they're needed in an automised supply chain and everyone would be free to pursue their passions but hey let's not do that yet.

PS 1
I'm looking for a job. Bartender, Personal Trainer, youth recreational leader (fritidsledare), any type of heavy labour or construction, licensed fork truck work, I'm also good with costumer service, sales, writing, making movies, podcasts, events and project management. Let me know if you know a guy/gurrl. I'm currently looking in the Øresund region but I'm open to suggestions. I've got money for a one way ticket and a month's rent. Maybe 2 if I sell my crypto. I'm not in any way giving up or being finished with Jamaica. I just have to go to Babylon to get some cash and a sail boat. I'll sail right back. Maybe a stop in Costa Rica on the way back.

PS 2
Thank you to the beautiful souls who hosted and fed me in Scandinavia during my month and a half in the cold!

PS 3
I've fixed the leaking roof with clay from the yard. The foundation for the upstairs staircase is set. The outdoor toilet is functional. The original building is turning to a master bath/wash room. I made a clay oven for future pizza and bread baking. I've leveled the yard and dug out the plan for ground floor levels. Before leaving I aim to finish the upstairs and rooftop for the first building. I'm initially building on 4 levels: Basement, Ground floor, Upstairs and Rooftop although digging greedily, like the dwarfs, is still an option. To source clay I'm digging a staircase to basement and a ground level pool. Looking forward to set up the rain water to do some work for me when I'm gone.

The lot is still 5 by 8 metres. The possibilities are endless. You're welcome to visit if your intentions are good. You will be digging the basement as I observe and give advice.



PS 4
Turning 33 in the year of 2020 deserves some recognition. Should I have the party in Jamaica, Kallekrona, Oslo or Roskilde?

PS 5
This is my Patreon: 500 bucks a month would keep the adventure going... Just saying. Try not to flood the page with contributions as it may crash the site. PS 5.1 the page is adapted to my work with the World Summit but could be updated shortly.

PS 6
It's funny to study the convergence of events in a time when 4 million swedes have invested their retirement funds in the cannabis industry at the same time as banks illegally close the bank accounts of fully legal cdb oil producing entrepreneurs in the same nation. Who will win this moral battle when everything is put on its edge?


Palle Boll
Pab Loe


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