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Vidéos marquantes 2019-10 1 de 2 (EN)

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Voici un palmarès des vidéos anglophones qui m'ont marquées et que j'ai écoutées dans la première moitiée du mois d'Octobre.

Thèmes principaux

  • Censure
  • Inspiration
  • Actualité
  • Environnement
  • Joker
  • Socio-Politique
  • Féminisme
  • Finance


NYT Article DENOUNCES Free Speech??! Says "Free Speech Is Killing Us"

Tim Pool (13m19s)

Steven Crowder Uncovered MAJOR Youtube Censorship, Got Youtube To RETRACT Censorship

Tim Pool (11m12s)

Studies Show Censorship BACKFIRED Massively On Left Wing Creators

Tim Pool (12m52s)

Women And Liberals Are MORE Likely To Support Censorship, Hold Double Standards According To Study

Tim Pool (13m30s)

What YouTube Is Doing Is Bad, Underhanded And People Are Catching On!

Luke Rudkowski ( @LukeWeAreChange ) (13m39s)

People DEMAND Boycott Of US Companies Bowing To China, Free Hong Kong Message Gains Steam

Tim Pool (16m17s)

COWARDS: ‘Woke’ NBA’s China Hypocrisy!

Steven Crowder - Louder with Crowder (15m02s)

There's A Reason You're Not Hearing About All The Protests In The World

Luke Rudkowski ( @LukeWeAreChange ) (14m14s)

Something Is VERY Wrong With This Channel! Mark Zuckerberg Secret Audio Leaked!!!

Luke Rudkowski ( @LukeWeAreChange ) (15m23s)

Democrat Demands Twitter CEO BAN Donald Trump, Tulsi Pushes Back, gets Smeared As Right Wing

Tim Pool (11m33s)

CNN Whistleblower EXPOSES Hard Proof Of Networks Anti-Trump Bias, Project Veritas Reports

Tim Pool (30m43s)

ABC News BUSTED Pushing Fake Story About Syria Using Old Footage From A Military Show

Tim Pool (10m56s)

Conservatives Just Won A MAJOR Battle Against Censorship, Judge Rules In FAVOR Of Conservative

Tim Pool (14m12s)

They Are Coming For BIll Maher, Imply He Supports Racism And The Alt RIght

Tim Pool (11m45s)


30 Minutes for the NEXT 30 Years of Your LIFE

Tony Robbins - Law of Attraction Coaching (33m38s)

Your Mind is the Key to Your Success (Motivational Video 2018)

Tony Robbins - Law of Attraction Coaching (31m05s)

focalise toi sur toi même et non sur les autres? ( l'un des meilleurs discours) ft Eternal Explorer

Law of Attraction Coaching (18m12s)


Law of Attraction Coaching (49m43s)


CIA vs Donald Trump! How Ukraine Scandal Is Russia Gate 2.0

Luke Rudkowski ( @LukeWeAreChange ) (21m09s)

MORE Documents Implicate Joe Biden in Ukraine Scandal, It's About To Get A WHOLE LOT Worse

Tim Pool (30m48s)

Did Trump Really GO THERE?! - Another Hoax EXPOSED

Luke Rudkowski ( @LukeWeAreChange ) (19m09s)

Ocasio Cortez New Bill Grants FULL Welfare To ALL Illegal Immigrants, Countering Trump's New Rules

Tim Pool (25m17s)

Why Donald Trump Finally Actually Made The Right Move! Strategy Explained

Luke Rudkowski ( @LukeWeAreChange ) (14m22s)

BREAKING NEWS: Trump Responds To Turkey, How The MSM Has It WRONG!

Luke Rudkowski ( @LukeWeAreChange ) (14m54s)

Trump Supporters ATTACKED Outside Minnesota Rally, Dozens Of MAGA Hats Torched

Tim Pool (18m01s)

Hong Kong Police Shot ANOTHER Kid, 14 Year Old In SERIOUS Condition, Turning Into Total Rebellion

Tim Pool (11m13s)

Kanye: The Republican Party Freed the Slaves

PragerU (2m45s)


Steven Crowder - Louder with Crowder (17m32s)

Hillary Clinton Set For MAJOR Comeback, Escalates Rumors Of A 2020 Democratic Run Against Trump

Tim Pool (21m22s)

Hillary 2020? I Can't Believe What Just Came Out About Hillary Clinton!

Luke Rudkowski ( @LukeWeAreChange ) (12m55s)

Trump Invites Hillary Clinton To Run In 2020 Just Before Her HUGE Fundraiser, Yea SHES RUNNING

Timn Pool (13m18s)

Putin's Comments On Greta Will Surprise You! Las Vegas Still Unsolved!

Luke Rudkowski ( @LukeWeAreChange ) (16m16s)


The Truth About Extinction Rebellion

Paul Joseph Watson (17m55s)


Steven Crowder & HodgeTwins - Louder with Crowder #562 (79m55s)


JOKER May Be The Greatest Film of Our Generation, Celebrities Cry MASTERPIECE Amid Outrage

Tim Pool (12m26s)

Why the WOKE Establishment Hates Joker

Paul Joseph Watson (9m16s)

Why Liberals Hate Joker but Love Batwoman!

Steven Crowder - Louder with Crowder (16m54s)


Canada: The DUMPSTER FIRE Globalist Experiment Votes

Black Pigeon Speaks (13m11s)

The personal is political.

Paul joseph Watson (5m43s)

Frederick Douglass: From Slave to Statesman

Timothy Sandefur - PragerU (5m52s)

Being a Social Justice Warrior

AwakenWithJP - Ultra Spiritual Life episode #88 (5m41s)

All I Want to Do Is Make Cookies

Joseph Semprevivo - PragerU (5m38s)

The Candace Owens Show: Rep. Dan Crenshaw

Candace Owens & Dan Crenshaw (58m09s)

Should Majorities Decide Everything?

Lean Liberty (4m59s)

The Intelligence Agency "Coup" Against Trump Will Ignite Civil War, I hope I am Wrong

Tim Pool (41m24s)

I was really wrong on Trump...

Steven Crowder - Louder with Crowder (14m21s)

Democrats Don't Care That Impeachment Will FAIL And Cost Them 2020, It's Complete Insanity

Tim Pool (10m32s)


Woman Quits Job to Be Like a 1950s Housewife and Everyone Loses Their Minds

Luke Rudkowski ( @LukeWeAreChange ) (12m51s)

Teenager CONVICTED Of Sex Offense For Touching Girls Arm To Get Her Attention

Tim Pool (11m45s)


Can The Government and the Central Banks Shut Down Cryptocurrencies and Precious Metals

Jeff Berwick - The Dollar Vigilante (31m27s)

The Crypto Wars and the Path To Liberty

Jeff Berwick - The Dollar Vigilante (52m05s)

Crypto, Anarchy, Social Credit Systems & the Future

Max Igan & Jeff Berwick - The Dollar Vigilante (55m31s)

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