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What does Hive Mean to Me?

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11 days ago2 min read

What does Hive Mean to Me?

The question is not entirely what Hive means to me, but what Hive means to all of us. I believe Hive is now our collective opportunity to bring our thoughts, visions in a true decentralized network into full futurition.

My journey with Steemit started in 2017 and discovering an incredible project that at it's core was valued in:

  1. Decentralization
  2. Basic Income Ideals
  3. 100% Censorship Resistance

I was so passionate about these ideals that I became a full time developer for Steemit, and moved my entire life to be apart of this movement across the country to Steem HQ. Being an earlier developer for Steemit one of the highlights was the various Steemfest's that I attended.

At the very first SteemFest1, spending nearly a week with this community showed me all the code written was not just for my ideals, but for this incredible group of collective thinkers who valued the core principles regardless of their agenda.


p.s @roelandp can't wait for our first Hivefest :)

When these core values were now becoming attacked and up-ended it was not even a question in my mind or any Hiver as being acceptable, dismantling the very core of what make's us so incredible and special is exactly what Hive will continue on with great legacy.

Without the core values we would be the same as any other social network or centralized platform, all Hive users are a truly special group of individuals, operators and groups who value "everything that is wrong" with every other online ecosystem/platform.

I look forward to continuing development on Hive and making it the ultimate platform for it's Users, Dapps and other services to absolutely new heights!



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