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The HIVE API Developer Portal Proposal - We need World Class Documentation!


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The Hive API Developer Portal will be the new birth and migration from the prior Steem API Developer Portal. The HIVE API Portal will become the ultimate resource for any 3rd party developer to make their product dreams reality. Without proper documentation building any impactful dApp, pluggin, tool or new front-end -- cannot be possible without world class support!


My journey with Hive started with Steem in 2017. Having a passion for all the wrong doings of Social Media and centralized platforms at the time, after hearing about Steem and the ideals set out by Dan Larimer of Basic Income, Decentralization, and 100% Censorship Resistance--I reached out directly to the team in Virginia and expressed my utter desire to be apart of this movement.

After several meetings with the team I officially become part of Steem and moved my entire life across the country working for 2+ years primarily on the Steemit front-end(Condensor) and the original Steemit API Developer Portal.


Before starting with Steemit I was a budding entrepreneur just as so many Hivers! When I started with Steemit that passion never left me, which is why I proposed to our team the importance of these needed docs.

I built the first prototype of the Developer Docs, after full support from the team and tweaks we launched our official docs,

Thus was born:

Some of the first lines of code for the original Steem Dev Portal were written by me

Screen Shot 20200328 at 11.07.11 PM.png

The reality of bringing world class API documentation was full-filled and without this portal I believe many developers would still have been digging through tedious lines of c++ code to build their products. Thus is lyes one the biggest items the Dev Portal provides is the ability for non "blockchain" devs to build on our Hive ecosystem. This is incredible for Javascript or more Full-Stack Developers such as myself.


Here is the initial calls to action:

  • Complete conversion of Steem API Docs into the Hive ecosystem. We need to extensive removal of all Steem references, establish our new Hive dev portal repository on Github.
  • We need to host our new Hive API Portal on an existing domain/subdomain such as -- we will decide with the community on this exact url.

  • On-going contentious maintenance on API portal documentation with Hive core code changes, updates and all the various unique properties that will be forthcoming for many many years.

  • Contentious improvements to the Hive Dev portal front-end, menu updates, more robust SEO improvements for discoverability as well. Hive docs will also have a fresh look to make it stand out above the old, and along with other leading class API documentation. I will plan to have numerous polls from the community for requests to implemented.

The proposal would be me in a position to take a primary lead of the Hive API Developer portal to ensure it's Steem API conversion, continued support, and various updates.

It is critical that Hive push forward with leading class documentation to ultimately reach as many talented developers to build incredible products on Hive.


Building and maintaining world class documentation requires a group of of dedicated people! My proposal is for my full dedicated time for the above, and in summary: Conversion from Steemit Dev Portal, launch, on-going maintenance along with front-end improvements on a full-time basis.

It's very encouraged other developers join this mission with their own proposal for their time and efforts! Let's support all Developers who are willing to spend their time to grow the HIVE API Developer docs, I'm one but ultimately we'll need many to make this world class(Let's support their time and proposal efforts as well)!


I look forward to any feedback you have for me, and ultimately hope you decide to support my proposal so the Hive Developer Docs can have a new birth, and ultimately prosper to give a fresh new wave of developers the tools and resources to build on our DECENTRALIZED, and 100% CENSORSHIP RESISTANT network.

All the best!!


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