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Secrets of Organ Playing Contest Week 1


11 months agoBusy3 min read

Have you ever wanted to start to practice on the organ but found yourself sidetracked after a few days? Apparently your inner motivation wasn't enough.

I know how you feel. I also was stuck many times. What helped me was to find some external motivation as well.

In order for you to advance your organ playing skills and help you motivate to practice, my wife Ausra - @laputis and I invite you to join in a contest to submit your organ music and win some Steem.

Are you an experienced organist? You can participate easily. Are you a beginner? No problem. This contest is open to every organ music loving Steemian.


  1. It's sort of open mic contest for organ music - no limitation to length, level of difficulty, genre etc.

  2. It can be any organ piece, any hymn, any improvisation or any organ exercise.

  3. It has to be performed by you without editing.

  4. Upload your entry on Youtube or DTube

  5. Make a post about your entry on Steem.

  6. Performance on pipe and electronic organs are valid.

  7. Use #secretsoforganplaying as your first tag.

  8. Upvote and Resteem this post.

  9. Comment this post with link to your entry so people can see and listen to it.

  10. The contest is open until Monday, January 7, 2019 12:00 PM UTC.


Every participating entry will receive our upvotes. Additionally, 3 winners will be rewarded some STEEM in the following manner:

1st Place: 10 STEEM

2nd Place: 6 STEEM

3rd Place: 4 STEEM


@laputis and I will serve as judges. We will pick winners based on what sounded the most interesting and best performed to us.

Our goal here is to support the community while motivating you to practice, inspiring to create some amazing music and adding more smiles to everyone's day.

Questions, comments, ideas? Please let us know your feedback about this contest.

Support our fellow contestants - upvote, resteem and comment their entry to let them know specifically what did you appreciate about their music.

And remember, when you practice, miracles happen!

Vidas Pinkevicius

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