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Note: Nothing Shall Be Taken Out......!!!

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27 days ago3 min read

Brothers and Sister in Steemchurch International my regards to you all! We should always praise God all the time when we have life. One thing that we should understand is that we brought nothing into the Earth when we were born, we were even naked and empty handed, so nothing can be taken out of this Earth to Heaven.

1 Timothy 6:7 (NIV)

"For we brought nothing into the world, and we can take nothing out of it."
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By the way it is always wise to strive, make all effort to make living easy and better for you, but we should not exceed what we should think of capable of doing. There are some of us who because of disappointment and unpleasant living will attempt to do all things which are not deserved to be done as Christians or believers.

We cannot acquire everything that we always want. God knows what is good for us, and our mindset if some of us are allowed to enjoy better living alone. So God intended to balance the pleasant times with unpleasant times for us. So that we can live with all conditions and all manners of human being.

We should be content with the little ones that we have acquired and strengthens our worship with God Almighty. Let us consider this thing in life. We worry ourselves of building a large mansion, how many rooms do individual occupy at a time, and within that one room how large space do individual occupy on the portion of bed that we sleep? It is just a small portion on the bed that individual sleep. We cannot leave out from this Earth with our possession, the cars, buildings, lands, money, gold, clothes all will be left behind. The Heaven, a nice place that our Lord Jesus Christ has prepared it for us does not need our belongings.

So, it becomes senseless for one to kill himself because he is suffering of not getting enough on this Earth. What before us is what we should rather yearn for, the Heaven that our Lord Jesus Christ told us that he is going to prepare for us, a place that has been prepared for so many years for us to enjoy there. We should wait and see this glory of God, rather than searching material things which very soon will become invalid in our lives. God loves us more than we love our own self, let us be vigilant with what we normally do. Beloved, have a blessed weekends!


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