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MSP | a project, might be useful for PHP developers.


2 years agoBusy2 min read

Not a big deal for sure, but something can be a stairs for your future developments.

My Steemit Profile is a project of mine to develop in free times just to figure it out steemit api flexibility and improve the coding style day by day. I can easily name it as experimental "dont know where to go".

Here you can find in Github and use however you wish to.

  • To use steemit api's in php, you have to work with two different functions. One is CURL and the other is just a simple json decoding.
  • In this project you may find the formula of "reputation" and also "upvote value" calculations.

Here is the reputation;

The funniest part is "selfvote" and account ID datas. Still thinking to add another input to see who is vote another and how many times. At the same time, generated reward can be calculated based on all votes given around.

Front end is also compable with mobile! Well i used it from some another open source projects but looks cool yeah ?

Anyway in short, you can find it on No dependencies, but autoload from composer you will going to need.

Open for contributions and improvements as always!

Oh, before i say my last words in this post, next challenge is coding upvote bot via PHP. @hernandev created a great lib to use steemconnect easily in here oauth2-sc2

To check your pending payouts you may use : Steem Show

You may find me on discord omeratagun#9707


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