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Never let your experience determine your future, because you experience was ones you future.

Today I can boldly say am one of those who have benefit something from this great platform steemit. All thanks to the @reachout crew for organizing such a great contest. I can't really say it was a contest but a giveaway.

@akintunde the founder of the reachout
@prettyjules158 who help in assisting
@eturnerx the sponsore
@julil and @prettyjules both are the organizer
I celebrate you all

I was lucky to stumble to come across the @reachout contest on the 17/03/18. I almost give up giving it a try due to countless disappointment from various other contest which winners are based on the number of upvote. What interest me most was the fact that there are going to be seven (7) winners and it was going to be chosen base on draw. Hmm, this looks interesting and welcoming because it was not going to be base on upvote, and the condition are easy to meet.
Here is the link to the contest :-

I decided to give it a try. A second thought came in what if i was not luck to make it through the draw. That kept me thinking until the last night to the end of the contest, then I drop my post for it for the opportunity.

Here was my entry post :-

After few days, the winners were announced on the @reachout blog, to my surprise i made it pass the draw and I was the (7) person. I contact @prettyjules158 on discord to claim my winner.

Here is the link to the winner of the contest been announced:-

My details and location to pick up my consignment 😄 was reached and it was shipped down to my place in good condition.

This are the pic below of the keyboard connected to my laptop and also using the OTG to connect the keyboard to my phone too. It was compatible with my phone too.

once again, thanks to the @reachout community and the crew and also to the organizer of this great contest. You are make my week splendy. There is more to be won from at @reachout contest, be part today.
To the organizer of the contest @prettyjules158 and @julil thanks and God bless



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