New to Busy? the station waiting.


8 months agoeSteem2 min read


Last night was the longest and I don't want to have to spend that much time trying to get through the night before your arrival.

As the winds howl, I am left with thoughts of you.
The windows rattled and the roof creaked under the pressure of the wind.
I tossed and turned and wished the night would turn over quickly.

How much longer? I thought out loud when I opened my eyes to see I had but slept for 2 minutes.
Staying away is no problem, but the hardest part is not knowing where you are.

The morning soon came calling and I took the dog to meet you at the train station.
The porter waved at me and the newspaper vendor gave me a nod.
Everyone wants nice and everything looked okay because you were coming to town.

I didn't get a single hate and despite having the world running in chaos, I was the brightest with the happiest heart.

The radio played our favorite song and just when I was about to sing the chorus like we always did together, the signal went dead.

My phone rang and stopped and when I tried to call back, the signal was gone.
No one moved, and the public address system stopped addressing me of your arrival and when I turned around, everyone was gone including my your dog.

I didn't know what to do and I just had to keep waiting because I have always known that, whenever we are together, the world stops and time for a while, stands still.

I am still waiting for you.


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