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An ancient blacksmith's house, a school and a tavern (200-300 years old) in the Uzhhorod scansen.


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Hi everyone!

Here is my adventure in Uzhgorod nearing the completion.

I have already told you about the castle, old houses in Uzhgorod Scandinavia and a unique church that has been 240 years old!

There are still 3 houses worthy of attention: an old school, a smithy and a tavern.

Let's begin from the school!


Exhibited school is a peculiar monument of national construction of the second half of the XIX century (1883). This is a typical rural housе.

The class was heating with a furnace. Here you can see the interior of teacher's home: bed, table-chest, chairs and so on...



The next room has benches and tables for pupils . Written exercises were performed on special slate boards with ribbons. At the side of the wall is a teacher's desk, countertops and a board ( on the first photo)



The next house that I want to tell you is a smithy.

The smithy has only two windows. The walls inside and the ceiling are covered with clay, which is a good refractory material and prevents the fire.


Here you can see the appropriate equipment, instruments and tools for making metal items that were needed for the household.


There still remains a blacksmith bag, which supplies air to the fireplace through a special lance pipe, a massive forge with a blacksmith's hammer and ticks.



On a long table, near the wall are ticks, chisels, punches, chisels and grips. A special device for drilling metal is installed to the right of the entrance.


And the last house is a tavern.

The building is quite spacious and has 6 rooms:
tavern room, kitchen, bedroom, pantry, hallway and one more sleeping room.


Here came the simple peasants to drink honey vodka or grout (hootch) after exhausting work.

In the middle of the room there is a long wooden table and two benches.


In Ukraine, the tavern was considered a kind of folk club due to the lack of other cultural institutions in the village.


Entering the territory of the Scansene, it seems as i have been passed through centuries in the past.

I walked by enjoying plausibly placed exhibits and everything seemed so real : flowers are growing near the valleys,beautiful gardens are blooming, cucumbers are growing, sheeps are grazing!

I hope you enjoyed my story about Uzhgorod Museum of Folk Architecture and Life.

This was the last post about this wonderful place, which left me a lot of pleasant impressions.

Sweet dreams, dear friends!

Best wishes,




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