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After almost 3 years of being on Steemit I am sure now that the greatest advantage and power of Steem comes from its users.
I see them as a long runners, so as a tribute to them I made this video.

This video is also part of my BRANDING STEEM SERIES

branding steem.jpg
I devoted my engagement on the platform to the production of tools for branding Steem.
Each of my videos is somehow promotional and emphasizes the benefits of Steem blockchain.
I already produced more than 30 video animations in branding Steem seriesfree videos.***which may be useful in communication through the platform and beyond.
All videos from this series are free to use for all Steamians. They can use them in communication on the platform or can share them on the other social media, or any other way they like.
Hope that you will find some of them useful!
Feel free to use them and enjoy!


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