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I Love White Castles - BUT...


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I woke up to a rather nice morning... It was not that early yet it still had the golden hour color.

20200109_082754 (1).jpg

I had some running around to do, so I decided to treat myself to a little bit of heaven...White Castles lol.


Now I know not everyone has a White Castles in their backyard. They are just a regional chain, yet you can find them frozen in many store. Of course the frozen are no comparison to a steaming hot one!


I am quite the White Castle fan. So much so I even made this video describing them...

It was not overly packed inside...Hmm I wonder why???


Now I do not get to go to White Castles very often, but I have to say there usually is more folks in there at any given time!


Today I noticed that a White Castle cheeseburger now runs 95 cents! Maybe I am a dinosaur and behind the times and all, but dang that seemed like a lot to me. I have no idea how long they have been at that price, and I am not even sure about what food counts at other place, but seemed kinda expensive for what it is.


Six tiny burgers and a small fry, with no drink was 8 bucks?!? What happened to White Castles being a cheap eats place!


It was good though, so we got that much for it lol.

Well I am going to try this new @ocd community on the beta Steemit site again. The issue I had the first time is, I am used to placing tags with the enter key on Busy. I learned real quick that actually posts the post lol. Going to try to set a beneficiary to support the @sbdpotato burn initiative again as well.

Dont forget tomorrow is Market Friday with @dswigle... you know you want to be part of the fun!


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