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It always get better, Welcome the newest member to Hive community

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It always get better, I am happy to be here and also introduce myself to Hive community.



My name is OLAWUWO OLATUNJI, a graduate of Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomoso Oyo State. I studied Urban & Regional planning and was badge B. Tec(Bachelor of Technology). That is as far as my education goes, I will say it's on hold for now.

I am a crypto enthusiasts and I came to know about blockchain in 2017 through bitcoin and since then I have been enjoying the fun and also enduring the worst days on blockchain. I have one slogan that kept me going which is Never give up, I believe I have to work hard in achieving my dreams and there is no room for been slack.

Some facts about me


I am an INTROVERT from child hood. Alot of people will think it's a normal thing but my own was crazily abnormal, I don't know how to connect with people when I was younger. My parents were so worried that it will be hard for me in the future to even propose a lady.... 😂 😂 . But the funny thing about this now is I don't even know if I am still an introvert.

I was born into a Royal family. Alot of people don't know this fact with me that I am a potential king of a town in our locality. The one time I have done something relating to my royalty background is when I created an EOS account, I used princeolatun1. In short, I am a prince🤴

Lastly, I have never paid anyone to learn any skills, as shocking as it may sound. I have never paid anyone for anything I don't know, I learnt about bitcoin on my own through surfing the internet and I got to know about it in 2017, I use Autocad, 3D Sketch up, started working on photoshop. I have never paid anyone for that, my photography skill started on the same foot(tho I am still learning). Even driving, this is my 8th year driving and I have never crashed into anything up till date.


My Niche

I write motivation, inspiration, fictions and also education posts, sometimes poetry too and I will love everyone to look forward for my posts.


I keep moving and pushing harder to learn and meet new people, I hope I am in the right place. And also I will help this community grow and be know across.

Thanks for having me here


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