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Hatred and Envy eat up their host


4 months agoSteemit2 min read


Hatred is like a blood cancer, it does not spare its host. Your hatred for another person will end up consuming you some day.

You may succeed in inflicting pains on the person you hate today, but be very sure you will not be spared either. The cankerworm you attracted to your life by hating on another person, will one day pull you down.

Envy is a destroyer. Envy will rob you off your joy and will also stand in your way of success. Envy makes you never contented with what you have. It steals your joy and places you in constant competition with those you envy.

Envy is an enemy that will stand in way your success because it will not allow you learn and work with those that would help you.

Uproot these two cancerous attitudes from your life before they destroy you.

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