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What could the weird Object HD 106906b be? #3


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Over the past ten years, scientists have revised their views on the formation of planets. In computer simulations with one million virtual particles, they showed that gas giants can be formed in only thousands of years, not millions. The orbits of such planets are indeed different and are at a distance of more than 300 astronomical units from their mother stars.

So HD 106906 b could really have originated in the system it is present in and now if that is true, it will slowly approach its star. However, there is another weak point in this theory. The distance between the planets and the mother star is twice as great as in the computer simulation, 650 astronomical units and not 300 as in the computer model. But the study was conducted using the parameters of our sun while the star which the gas giant revolves is 1.5 times more massive.

So let's wait and see what else is discovered. Fortunately, there is still a disk with original material that will help the researchers to get clearer answers in the near future but until such answers are found avoid even the discoverers of HD 106906 b to call it a planet.

In her writings Vanessa Bailey explains that he is simply a planetary mass companion of the main star. Amusingly, such total uncertainty has prevented the planet from getting a proper name. In the year of its discovery, an Australian fan of the cult science fiction series Doctor Who submitted a petition to name HD 106906 b in Gallifrey, the fictional home planet of the protagonist of the series. But since the status of the object has not yet been determined, it has been rejected.

Of course, there is still a dispute about this object until today. Does HD 106906 b not represent a life-threatening destructive apocalyptic threat to our planet, but this strange cosmic object has changed the views of many about our universe. Previously we believed that planets were always relatively close to their parents' stars, but now we know that they can be several times far away. Therefore it is possible in our solar system that other undiscovered planets, many times larger than Jupiter, rotate around our sun at a distance of several tens of billions of kilometers.

Therefore we, humanity, are forced to rethink our views about everything that happens in the universe in connection with planet formation, including the birth of the earth. This knowledge will enable us to better predict our future and perhaps prevent catastrophes.

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