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Movie Talk: Spider-Man Far From Home #2


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From this surprise effect it comes out that Quentin Beck as Mysterio is an antagonist, a villain, a villain, who all the time only pretended to be this big hero, who can control magic, who comes from another dimension, which was destroyed and who is now here to save our world. And yes, I know some of you knew this would happen.

They would never have portrayed Mysterio as a complete good character and you really have to admit that performing Mysterio's complete Good Guy is all the more boring, but also interesting. That's what Marvel did really well with this character, he was simply portrayed as the perfect hero by Jack Gyllenhaal. This intermediateness, that it's just not convincing and you always thought a little bit in the background, Okay that's just a mesh, he's way too perfect. But the trick worked for Peter Parker of course, but not only for him. Even with viewers who didn't really know the character, the deception was staged so well that they got a mega twist and thus had a big surprise effect. I could see that on a buddy of mine who was at the movies with me. But this surprise was also for Nick Fury and Talos, respectively, where we'll find out later.

At this point, yeah at this point Mysterio drops his coat and really shows us who he really is, what his motives are. From here on the film and the character seem so interesting, that I really have to admit that Mysterio has become the antagonist of the whole MCU with my favourite ones, because I think it's just brilliant how they staged it here. Of course, they haven't staged him one to one as it was shown in the comics, but you can't expect that either, because in order for everything to fit perfectly into the MCU, they always have to make a few small changes and that must be done, so that everything can be linked to the other stories. And with this character it probably worked best for me. They didn't throw away Mysterios whole original backgroud story from the comics completely, they just made it look perfect with the modern age, combined with the with the technology and the CGi, both for the whole film itself and for the character in the film..

Especially Jack Gyllenhaal as Mysterio just fits perfectly, because I really like this guy as an actor. He is a very good actor and there isn't a single film in which he doesn't play a leading role and which I haven't seen. Why this character was perfectly staged for me is how simply ingenious he was shown and that he didn't always have his equipment, but was mostly simply in motion capture to perfect his CGI effects, in the movie itself, which you can only see from the behind the scenes from movies as extra stuff on a disc.

With Mysterio they just did so much right, I think Marvel and the creators learned a lot from the previous part Spider-Man Homecoming. I htink everyone who, worked on this Spidey films now learns/learned again. And this happen with every MCU film, and that is one of the reasons why I believe that the learning curve is always strong in every film and the third Spider-Man part, which will probably expect us in the fourth Phase of the MCU and will knock us down even more than this one shows it. But it also shows us what an impact it is when you get really top-class actors on board.

I really liked Spidey's story in this movie, too, especially the character development in this part was much stronger than for example in Spider-Man Homecoming, but maybe you could also say that it's simply because he had to work with a lot more pain, which Peter must deal with. Because the film really played right after the turn of the Endgame and Avengers Endgame has probably wiped out one of the most important persons for him and this is shown to us in the film very well by seeing Peters fight with this pain and up to the end of the film, where he really working his way to the Spider-Man he should be.

Before I went to the cinema with two friends of mine to watch Far from Home, the day before, in the evening, I watched Homecoming and you can really notice the difference, you really see a very strong jump, you see what Marvel has done for changes, not only regarding the quality of the film itself but also how Peter has developed.

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