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Movie Talk: Spider-Man Far From Home #4


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Now I'm coming to the end of Spider-Man Far from Home and what the last post credit scene is all about and I'm going to take it completely through and take a closer look at its true meaning for the future of the MCU because there was a lot going on in this post credit scene and I even think that this is probably one of the best scenes we ever got to an MCU whose purpose is to tease on the future of the MCU. As a fan I'm already looking forward to what we can expect and how the MCU will work out this post cedit scene in the upcoming movies.

So let us summarize briefly what happens in this Post Cedit scene so that we have a little recap of what really happened. First of all we really don't get anything unusual shown, because we see a normal scene of Maria Hill and Nick Fury driving around together in a car, but then the huge plot-twist comes and Maria Hill starts to transform herself together with Nick Fury, which is the revelation that they were Skrulls the whole time. It turns out that they were Skrulls that were introduced to us in Captain Marvel, they're Talos and his wife. The two discuss what happened in the movie and Talos was fooled by Mysterio and his holograms and his invented story.

But then Talos starts a facetime conversation with someone we shouldn't know at this point, he talks about a mission and says that he really hopes that this mission went well and that he fulfilled his task to hand over Tony Stark's glasses to Peter Parker as he was told to. Then we are already revealed who is really at the other end of the call and who would be none other than Nick Fury himself, who seems to be on the beach at the moment, but which turns out to be a hologram very quickly. Nick Fury gets up from his beach lounger, you can see that he steps out of a small cabin and says to everyone else that they should go to work and we are revealed a huge space station in which he is staying and last but not least he asks where his shoes have gone.

A small post credit scene that is very short but full of information, but before I go any further I would like to dedicate myself first to Talos and his wife Soren and what significance this reveal has. This is the first time we have had the factor that Talos has been among people for a long time and that the earth has not completely turned away like in Captain Marvel. However, this does not happen on the fact that we have seen him here now but that Talos have already been shown to us at the end of Avengers Endgame.

At the end of Avengers Endgame we could see how all our heroes have found their way back into their normal daily lives, we could see Peter Parker going back to school and trying to find his way back in together with his friends. In the background of the whole crowd and the students you can see the actor Ben Mendelsohn.

The actor Ben Mendelsohn plays Talos and also his human form, which we already saw in Captain Marvel, when he doesn't have to step into the role of Nick Fury. This with the current reveal in this post credit scene is not only an indication that several Skrulls are already on earth and could lead a hidden life, but also that every smallest detail can have a meaning in the MCU. There is hardly a film franchise or a film series like the MCU that is so well thought out and already too often we have been provided with hints in the background that later had a much bigger meaning. Especially this system shows very well that there are hints hidden everywhere.

But this only raises further questions. For example, how long have the Skrulls been on earth, or what are they doing there? Didn't they all disappear with Captain Marvel? Or did they come back again? Is there perhaps a secret plan that a few Skrulls on earth are about to carry out and would prefer to control the earth themselves? Or they even just do that? In any case, since Captain Marvel's release, you can notice a lot of evidence that the makers have set so far, and now this revelation, that we could definitely see more of Skrulls and this could very likely lead us to a future event after Avengers Endgame, which would be Secret Invasion. In this scenario, the whole earth/world is secretly but surely taken over by the Skrulls, leading to a conflict between the heroes themselves, as they themselves no longer know who to trust, as the Skrulls are truly masters at taking shape and deceiving others. But you can also deceive them, as we noticed in Far From Home at Talos.

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