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Movie Talk: Spider-Man Far From Home #3


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What I would also like to mention are the action scenes we got this time and here I have to say that the scenes with Mysterio were simply fantastic. I really enjoyed them. There were those that have never been shown before, when something similar was shown, then in Doctor Strange but even there it was something totally different. The scenes with Mysterio showed once again what Mysterio really is, his illusions or his holograms, how it is portrayed, how he works on it, with what perfection, which just look as if they were from another world or another dimension.

There's also a little thing that might bother a few, but in which I really don't worry about anything and that is the Peter Tingle, what replaced the Spider Sense as his name, or was renamed. I'm honestly of the opinion that they only did that in these movie to accompany the funny directions, the comedy track. I don't think that they will call that really Peter Tingle in the course of the movies and maybe Peter will get the idea that this ability should be called Spider Sense like in the comics.

There are still many little things that we have to talk about in this film but this would to much for this talk, but to keep it a little bit short, the film finally does what I wanted Spider-Man to do and it shows the development of Spider-Man as well as how he has to struggle with different consequences in his real life as well as in his heroic life. The film obviously shows very well that the makers have learned from their previous works and the film simply does a lot to prepare for a sequel and to fuel the future of the MCU, because that brings us back to the postcredit scene and the midcredit scene, which are just mega sick.

For me these are the ones with one of the best post and midcredit scenes in the whole MCU, that is in one or after a MCU film shown, which just perfectly fulfil the meaning they should fulfil. because in the midcredit scene we just get J. Jonah Jameson shown in a new version of the Daily Bugle, which we already know from the original Spider-Man trilogy by Sam Raimi. An absolute favorite is that for those of you who grew up with Sam Raimi trilogy and Jonathan Kimble Simmons, who played in the original Spider-Man trilogy J. Jonah Jameson. Jonathan Kimble Simmons, who was already in the Raimi movies back then, fulfills his role perfectly because it just fit one to one the charakter That's why it's just cool to see the actor as well as the character here in the movie and that he is now an official part and even has the same role.

But what makes a big difference for the story itself is that they officially announced in MCU who Spider-Man really is. YIt is officially leaked, the identity of Peter Parker, which just makes us even more curious how the story of Spidey will continue, because what happened there is the worst thing that could ever have happened. Spidey has made a lot of enemies in the past and now everyone knows who he really is. This not only puts his family in danger, but also his friends and we all know that makes for a perfect Spider-Man story and gives us the hope that MCU's Spider-Man 3 could really be the best Spider-Man movie we will maybe see. I'm really curious how Marvel will do it.

And there we have the post credit scene, which indicates the next big event of the MCU, and we were also revealed that Maria Hill and Nick Fury weren't themselves all the time but Skrulls and those are even Talos and his wife, which we saw in Captain Marvel and that raises a lot of questions again, maybe gives us an indication in which direction the MCU could go, what really the new big thing is, after Avengers Endgame.

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