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Movie Talk: Spider-Man Far From Home


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Movie Talk will be, as the name suggests, a talk about a particular movie, with my opinion and whether I like a movie as well as further informations about it and perhaps also possible theories.
I don't know if I'll do this more often, but certainly my favorite topic Marvel and the corresponding movies will appear more often. Of course the talk will also contain a lot of spoilers and I will refer to events in the movies again and again. Without that a talk would of course not be possible.

And there we are with my favourite topic, the MCU and the newest movie of this franchise Spider-Man: Far From Home. I had written a review of the film 2 days ago and tried to put in as less spoilers as possible so that I don't take the fun out of it, if you dint watched the movie. These talk articles will always contain spoilers and if you haven't seen the movie you should stop reading and click away. Hereby you are warned.

It is finally relaesed and meanwhile already 2 weeks in the cinemas and now we can all discuss about it and I can hardly wait now to tell you my opinion that is equipped with spoilers.

The film started with the scenes with Mysterio in Mexico and with the fact that we finally saw the effects the Snap has left behind in Avenrger's Inffinity War and Endgame, but also on all the classmates of Peter Parker's school. The first few minutes weren't really that interesting, we just got a few scenes of everyone settling in, preparing for the big trip and as they arrive in Venice and how they trying to lead a normal life again. And so finally is Peter trying to approach MJ and confess his love to her. As how we can see there wasn't much interesting to see at the beginning, especially in the 30 - 40 minutes. You could also say in the first half of the whole movie.

Maybe that's because of what many already feared, that the trailers spoiled a bit too much. But fortunately the whole thing only applied to the beginning of the film, as already mentioned, so that all the scenes that we really got, with a few exceptions, were already shown in the trailers and we all knew for the most part what was coming next or what was to come, so that there were no big surprises for us or we got a chance to arouse such a big interest that the story can really captivate us. So the first half was just like Spider-Man Homecoming, a very simple solid coming of age story. there's not much to complain about, but there's also not much to see or discuss.

Of course we then have the other scenes in which Mysterio is finally introduced, he poses as Quentin Beck, who comes from another dimension and really only has good intentions and wants to save this world after his own world was destroyed. In this period Peter, as well as Mysterio, gets closer and closer and are becoming really good friends. Mysterio becomes the really cool uncle to replace Iron Man so to speak and this gives Peter more and more the feeling that he's the right hero who could really follow in Iron Man's footsteps to bring the world back in order after it's very confused by the snap and the reversal because the snap means a difference of 5 years for the returnees. This 5 year difference is called Blip in the movie. And also by the death of the greatest hero ever and that the Avengers aren't now what they were.

But there is also the big reveal that the whole story is about, the million-dollar AI that Tony Stark Peter Parker left behind and which is in the glasses, as we already saw in the trailers. With it Peter has the possibility to do really everything he wants, he could in theory really control the whole world, which is why it really should only be in the hands of a true hero. Peter thinks after all the time he's had with Mysterio that he's the right one to get the glasses and that's the point where the movie does a complete 180 degree shoot for me and really becomes what I didn't expected for but which turned out to be a very big and quite successful surprise effect.

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