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A few things about Spider-Man 4


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With Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark there was a Broadway musical from 2011 to 2014. Spider-Man on the music of Bono and The Edge. You've read right, in fact, a Spider-Man musical and it was probably the most expensive musical ever, with 70 million US Dollars budget. And it had quite a few accidents so the premiere had to be postponed over and over again. Today the musical doesn't exist anymore. Why, I don't know. Maybe Thanos had too much and he just solved it with his snapt?

On the following some quick facts about Spiderman Homecoming:

Nick fury was supposed to be the mentor of Spider-Man Peter Parker in the first part, but then for historical reasons they decided to fill Robert Downey Junior's Tony Stark with it, that meant they deviated from the comics.

The car number plate of Aunt May in Homecoming is AMF-1562 and this is not randomly chosen. The first appearance of Spider-Man was in the comic Amazing Fantasy number 15 in 1962.

Another important car number plate with meaning can be seen on the ferry, where Vulture and Spider-Man fight against each other. There is a car with a plate written on SM2-0563. This stands for Spider-Man comic number two, May 1963. This is the comic where Vulture first appeared.

Zendaya Coleman plays a new version of Mary Jay Watson and she likes to read books, but the books she reads are not random. Among other things she reads the book Of Human Bondage. This book is about an orphan boy who lives with his aunt, like Peter Parker who lives with his aunt.

The other one is Invitation to a Beheading, yes a heavy title. The book is about a man waiting in prison for his beheading and he has company from a spider.

Stan Lee also had a cameo appearance in Spider-Man Homecoming. Allegedly there won't be any more after the turn of the Endgame. Whereby I'm not really sure about it. On the day he shot his cameo for Homecoming he also shot his cameo for Doctor Strange 2 and for Guardians of the Galaxy 2 according to James Gunn. But some other shoots are supposed to have taken place for some upcoming movies, but for which ones is not known. So we have to keep our eyes open for the next MCU movie to see Stan Lee in action.

The famous actress Jennifer Connelly speaks in Homecoming Karen, the artificial intelligence of Spider-Man's suit. The actress is in real life the wife of Paul Bettany. He used to speak Jarvis, the artificial intelligence of Tony Stark. And he became or plays also Vision in Age of Ultron.

In the 2nd part of this series I had spoken about Jon Favreau and his The Chef Show at Netflix and there was also Gwyneth Paltrow as a guest. There she let it be known that she wasn't even aware that she was to be seen in Spider-Man Homecoming. She didn't know that this scene where Tom Holland showed up for a short time, was supposed to be a press conference, belongs to Spiderman homecoming.

The rights to make a Spider-Man film or a Venom film, a Norman Osborn film, a Black Cat film and a few more are with Sony and not with Marvel. Why this is so, i will speak in a series of articles about, in the moment I research just about it.

Those were a few things about Spider-Man. I thought, I don't take all the usual facts that you might have heard before, so when did the comic come out and so on, but a few other things that also have a direct relation to Sony's version and the MCU.

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