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Gods of the Greek Mythology - Zeus


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He rules the world, he has destroyed even his most dangerous opponents, he has justified his mother and won in all wars.

He rules the mortals and the assembly of the gods without restrictions. To his great advice belong twelve gods, the gods of the olymp.

When he came to power, the universe was still a mess, completely in pieces. Zeus had to redesign the world, so to speak, and find a sovereignty that was more moderate and balanced.

But can it replace the fire that consumes the heart and body?
No question, Zeus is a seducer and in collecting wives and loved ones, he strengthens his own power even more.

Zeus accepts the virtues of each of his conquests and they which he has encountered as the rain, the bull or the swan, give birth to half gods and heroes, after whom almost all regions of the world are named.

But they are not just gallant amours. With his passion, the lord of olymp indirectly sets up rules and norms that everyone has to observe. Anyone who violates them will be punished in a terrible way.

In a certain way, love goes hand in hand in order with Zeus.

The first is Metis, a beautiful okeanide. She embodies the acumen but also the cunning, her valuable advice it is which helps Zeus at the beginning of the new world order to avenge his mother and to save his brothers and sisters.

Is it perhaps gratitude that the lord of olymp has asked her to marry him? Gratitude is not the strength of the mighty, no Metis loves him, he even likes her. How could she refuse a marriage proposal to the god king?

The young nymph feels flattered, she feels it to be an honour she is given and says yes. The couple enters the port of marriage and lives in a clear idyll.

Until the day Zeus learns through an oracle that his wife will give him a daughter and a son and that one day this son will push him from his throne, just as he himself had dethroned his father Cronus.

The gods king is horrified, something like this must not happen again, so Zeus, as Metis tells him she is pregnant, suggests a not very originally competition.

Which of the two is better at transforming?

Metamorphoses are a popular game of the gods, they can transform as they please. Even though Metis, the embodiment of astuteness, doesn't suspect anything she easily turns first into a lion, then into a wild boar, into a flame and finally into a fly.

Zeus congratulates her, "Good" he says, "but can you turn into something even smaller?"

With a passion for playing, Metis transforms again, this time into a drop of water. Zeus applauds her and swallows her at the speed of a lightning.

But no one swallow the goddess of the list with impunity.

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