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Did you claim your Steemit based FREE PalCoins? No? Why not?


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Steemit is developing and evolving and every day we get something new. The developers and Witnesses don't sleep, I really believe that, because the things they do come in such a fast time, it's abnormal. One of them is the PalCoin.

The PalCoin is a Steem-Engine based coin, and Steem-Engine is a Steem based market for Steem based coins. I myself don't really have the technical know-how to explain all this to you, but it's safe and absolutely awesome, because if you are a bit smart, you can make a little more Steem by trading in the Steem-Engine Market.


But apart from that, depending on your current Steem Power, you can claim free PalCoins and either trade them or, what's even cooler, you can use them on the frontend. It's not a new blockchain, not a new social media platform, it's all still on Steem, but with a new coin that you can earn there in addition to what you earn through your Posts, Comments and Upvotes on Steem. All you have to do is power up your PalCoins at This is the same as SteemPower.

This post here will give you more details on how to claim your PalCoins, install Keychain and use Steem-Engine and

Maybe your Internet browser will tell you that is not secure, so use it with Keychain. I've been using Keychain since it was developed and it's not only safe but it makes things easier for me! It's just recommendable. You can use with Keychain without hesitation, like I and many others do. Steem-Keychain is opensource software with thousands of downloads and was developed by our Steem Witnesses @aggroed, @yabapmatt and @stoodkev, which you can also choose as witness for their works and effort.

If you have questions join the steem-engine discord:

Steem Engine Logo by Nate Aguila source


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