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Freedom Of Speech - Let's talk About It.


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The World Is Changing

World is changing rapidly, so does the perception of things we find valuable. In a digital era, data and information are the new gold and who claims otherwise is either chronically uninformed or simply ignorant.

Globalization naturally became progressive force that's not tied to any nationality or religion, enabling it to act independently as a movement that goes beyond national borders. As a logical result, States are encountering the biggest problem so far, that is - how to control the information flow.

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The reason for concern in regards to such actions can be found in countless historical events, where the lack of information inevitably led towards dark ages of ignorance and obedience. Same can be applied today.
Most people are not aware how important it is to develop critical thought as a weapon against propaganda.

Freedom of speech is an extensive human right, but it's not unlimited. Because of that, hate speech and child pornography are not being protected by it. We can all agree that some things are better to stay hidden. I'm mostly referring to child abuse/pornography that comes along with the expansion of internet usage, as opposed to hate speech which might be interpreted subjectively, making it somehow difficult to regulate properly.

Freedom of Speech

Speech, writing, dressing and protesting are just some of the ways we communicate.
Communication is an important part of our lives, and the level of freedom of that communication has a significant effect on our society and the strength of democracy.

Freedom of speech is actually our right to communicate political issues. This means that any communication that is important to the public, such as commenting on government moves, criticizing public officials or seeking certain rights, is protected by the right of free speech.

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It may sound like a clichés, but freedom truly is our greatest weapon , and if following the same logic, the right to access the information must be considered as relevant.
Restricting us from visiting and participating within something we find valuable, in an agenda of controlling what's to be heard, is absolutely absurd.

Even if we assume that restrictions are used in a good manner, I don't quite think it's up to them to decide what's relevant.

We already witnessed countless examples of states interfering within the public domain, trying to undermine sites that doesn't match their needs. The elites are slowly losing their ground.

Long lasted Manipulation and Propaganda policies eventually needed to be disrupted. Human voice must be heard no matter the cost. Perhaps Citizen Journalism combined with blockchain technology is an answer.

It's also worth addressing that not only internet is being censored, but rather all kind of public ways of communication including TV Shows, Radio shows etc.

European Censorship and Restrictions

I personally haven't experienced any form of censorship, at least not in terms of internet restrictions, but I did however witnessed certain documentaries and tv shows being removed due to "inappropriate" content. The funny thing is that i used to watched some of those documentaries, and there's nothing inappropriate there. Seems legit.

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Some European Governments do not respect freedom of speech. Some of them are prone on pressing public medias to report in a biased way. Some of those governments are imposing to much regulations over the content, thus directly interfere with democratic processes and undermining our constitutional rights.

I will mention only the most relevant events.


Step by step, freedom of expression and press is increasingly restricted in the EU. Already, there are limits to different positions from official positions of the authorities, and penalties, even imprisonment, can be imposed for wrong views on different topics. France is taking it a step further, and lawmakers are in a hurry to regulate what's to be heard.

Besides, during the election period that lasted until may this year, social networks were obligated to provide transparency if being sponsored by foreign parties.

Emphasis was placed mainly on Russia's RT and Sputnik news portals, which President Macron attacked and accused of allegedly intentionally spreading rumors about him during the presidential drip to prevent him from being elected president.

Such actions help us understand the bigger picture of how state tends to operate in an attempt to increase its political influence.


Top officials at the ruling German coalition said "they plan to adopt legal measures to suppress hate speech and the spread of fake news on Facebook and other social networks, and they include severe penalties if such messages are not quickly removed."

Enactment of these legislative measures does not cite the usual ones commonly referred to in the context of hate speech, such as racism, anti-Semitism, xenophobia and others, but politicians worried "that hate speech and fake news could influence public opinion on the eve of next year's elections, "in which Chancellor Angela Merkel, faced with the rising popularity of right-wing parties, will nevertheless try to win a fourth term.


Europe is obviously prone to interfere with public means of information, thus directly manipulating democratic processes which are guaranteed by the constitution.

We should leverage such as advantage and promote STEEM as a safe heaven for content creators, whose intellectual asset can not be taken or hidden in any form what so ever. We often forgot how important and strong STEEM is, i guess good times are to be blamed. I hope we won't experience dark ages to start seeing bigger picture.

Hope you extracted some value of this article :D


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