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Follow OCD on other social media and get some Steem in the process!


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The team behind Operation Curation and Decentralization is preparing for its next move, and that one involves building a follower base in those decentralized blue and red Mainstream Social Media Platforms where a lot of quality content creators are still posting "for free and just a few likes"... content creators that could be making a difference on the Steem Blockchain, a difference for them and for the community in general.

This post is not an announcement for our next steps, it's just a post where we invite all the more than 10k followers we have on Steem, to go follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, so our accounts get a bit more traction for when the next step of our master plan begins.

All the post payouts this post makes will go directly to those who follow our accounts on FB, IG and Tw. All you have to do is share a screenshot of the "follow" here in the comment section and voilá, once this post pays out, we will transfer the steem.

If you follow us in only one of the Media platforms, you will only get one share of the rewards, but if you follow us in the three accounts, you will receive three shares of the rewards.

So, the more accounts you follow, the more rewards you will get. As simple as that!

What are you waiting for? Go follow us on our social media accounts. We will really appreciate it!






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